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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by ugly, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What about the daft interpretations of dress regs or certain CSM's foibles?
    I'll start this off.
    Belfast 1983, Inibas on issue and the CSM didnt like the way that belt order was worn low slung and had the silly belt clips from No 2 dress jackets sown into our combat Jackets meaning belt order was worn higher and not on the hips.
    Also in the same Bn but a different company another CSM made patrols dress identically so if one lad wore DMS with Puttees (maybe his BCH were shagged) then the whole patrol wore puttees over their BCH if necessay!
  2. Hazard a guess he was brought up on 37 pattern webbing and had a fetish for "The Look"!
  3. The Gulf 1970s.

    KD bush jacket (complete with removable brass buckles) issued.

    222 Sig Sqn (and others?) ordered that the belts be cut off and the jacket worn tucked inside shorts.

    Murder when the dhobi had starched them.

    And who invented half-hose? Thick woollen socks with no feet to be worn in the desert [​IMG]

    TF I was sent on detachment to Salalah for my tour. Working dress = shorts and flip-flops/bondu boots.

  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    15/19H had a dress reg that said to remove the silly belt clips from the No 2 Dress Jacket. When I transferred out, I didn't sew them back in (I didn't still have them to sew in). Nobody ever noticed. When me arrse grew lardy from too much command of a desk, I had to get a new set of No 2s. I took the silly belt clips off the new jacket and nobody noticed then either.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    My last RSM in 15/19H (actually he was commissioned a couple of weeks before I transferred out so there was another very briefly) stated that the combat jacket was a jacket not a shirt and jacket sleeves were ironed with the crease front and rear, not out to the side. Extras for any man who ironed a sticky out crease in his combat jacket for guard mounting.

    Truth be told it looked a whole lot smarter, I also carried this on when I transferred out and the few people who even noticed agreed it looked better.
  6. I'm sure I've posted this on another thread a few years ago, but here it is again!

    13 (Martineque) Bty, 19[Fd] Regt. RA. Their BSM made their working dress, starched coveralls with green plaggy belt. This was to make the bods ready for work as soon as they got to the gun park. Needless to say, they then had to put a second set over them, just as they would have had to do, if they dressed like every other ****** in the regiment! :roll:

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  9. WTF! You need to hide that picture sharpish, before someone has a 'good' idea!
  10. **** off, they're awesome.
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  11. As a Cpl, I was attached to Bde HQ and always wore a No2 Shirt in SLO, smarter doncha know, the Sigs Sqn SSM hated me because all the Sqn wore KF, I always thought "This twat can't touch me" until the FAC was taken under Sig Sqn control, as luck would have it, the twat had moved on.
  12. true storey and dont need a sandbag to pull up, In Nepal the military bought Dacron and we paid the local "tailor" to make it into uniform, smart, lightweight and fit beautifully nice shorts and long lightweight socks etc. Along comes a directive from the General in Hong Kong - no names no packdrill but his brother was an actor - no more Dacron to be issued (although we could wear it until it wore out) have to wear normal uniform, 45 Degress and humifity of 98% FFS!!

    A few moinths later, after the really hot weather and monsoon had passed - along comes said general on a visit, they always came when everything was green and it was cooler - drinks in the Sgts mess and he says to me, I do like your smart uniform, I would like to see them in HK dressed in this type of thing, where did you get it??... promt spluttering and trying not to tell him that he was the stupid bugger that had banned it in the first place.
  13. RT I use Dacron for fishing, best line you could hope for but fargin expensive, same stuff?
  14. A few years ago I joined camp a few days late from a course, with my brand new SASS Kit karry smock in ripstop and full of pockets, only to be told as we headed to the camp that the top boss had decreed that only issue CS 95 smocks were to be worn, no old pattern, no para, and certainly no custom built jobs. Too late to do anything about it, and as I was in Cmnd Tp I was bound to run into him and the nice RSM, bugger! I'd barely stepped out of the Rover when the man himself, with RSM and attendant flunkies rolled up.

    'Ah Cpl Chef, I see you have the latest issue ripstop smock, well done.'

    I never had the bottle to ask if he knew and was winding me up, or really did believe what he saw.
  15. [​IMG]

    This is war winning stuff.