Almighty Military Babes


Here we go, mods may sticky this one if it gets popular.

Men like to oggle women in bars yes?, well you too can now oggle these beauties here in our "virtual" Naffi, courtesy of the Almighty Military Babes Thread!. Its simple, just find pics of hotties in military uniform (genuine if possible) and post em here.

Stop talking to that fat remf porker who half the camp has been through and pull up a pew.

Enjoy.......................(ps: My money is on the Israeli's)



How exactly is the top one in military kit?!
some has been busy copy and pasting from mil pics website. somebody want to copy and paste 'the cream' of whats over there.

SuperTrooper said:
Did we not have this thread a few months ago?
Seems like. Glad it's not just me....


I dont care if we had this thread a few months ago

I could look at these girlies all the time.


Kit Reviewer
Ok it's been done before, but some of these are surely new ?

Here's a septic doris that has had Brit influence...

Penis envy ?

What's the furry thing under her helmet ?

I think this front-wheeler's got something in her eye

VerminWA said:
Sorry she's back again but no thread is complete without

She wins hands down everytime!!!
Rather manly jawline, I always thought.

There's a certain dental offr somewhere out there (now married to a scalie of all things) who was well worth a push around the carpet. She was in school with my sister. Always thought she was far too good looking to join the army. Last I heard, she was off to Canada for a year or two.
To quote a uni mate of mine who's now a Capt with the woofers (a 'bezzer' moment in the midst of an evening of 50p tequila shots and £1 a bottle Carlsberg Export):

"Y'know what, Crabtastic? Aren't birds lovely? I mean, well, they're just so fcuking lovely aren't they? They're all soft and girly."
Not fair. :(

All the M134 users at Odiham appear to be fat or balding (or both) hairy arrsed blokes with badly fitting growbags. :roll:

The one on the left reminds me of the man-beast-hippocrockopig-thing from 151 RLC that shagged it's way around Boz and got herself binned for getting through 2 Cpls and a Sgt whilst a Lt in the space of a tour.

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