Puttees. Definitely.

In camouflage pattern.

Just a wild guess............... Tweed
And Barbours.

Other countries the government types wear leather jackets, and are thus nasty Mukhabarat type bullies.

We cut around in Barbours and are thus democractic and thoroughly decent chaps.
His pistol is in a kangaroo mag pouch; he is fucked if he needs to get that out in a hurry. Why scrim your Helmet if your going to tape half of it up in sniper tape. Don't suppose that it is a massive concern as he will never go outside the wire.

It's all about the badges now days, the more badges you have, the ally'r you look! If you have some tailor made patches you are ally as ****. The more info the better: Zap number, blood group, rank, religion, sex, service, badge, dogs name.............

Deleted 20555

Why is the cut on the MTP in some cases so tight - people look like Vietnamese conscripts circa 1968 at times...

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