"Allyness Saves Lives"

Yes and no. If a soldier thinks and feels himself to be a better soldier because of the way he looks then maybe he will perform that little bit better. On the other hand as long as he has the right kit and equipment it doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he knows how to use it. He could look ally as a WWII fallschirmjager or as unally as a Royal Marine. It's mostly down to his personnel skills, his commanders and as mentioned, his kit and equipment of how he performs on the ground.


Most uber-ally troops end up in some sort of glorious phyrric slaughter (Arnhem, Crete, Thermopolae, etc) or political failure (Selous, RLI, 'Nam, etc), so perhaps its an inverse relationship?

bolo beret

Yeah it's true, being dressed in everything less British Army issued equipment makes you a better soldier.

The wearing of the beret with the capbadge over the left ear and an overhang at the front makes you appear to be particularly switched on.

With long sideburns and an unkempt appearance people may actually think that you are a member of SF.

Boots purchased from that fella in the EestEnd of London are soooo cool too.

Who gives a shit about dress regulations anyway? Hey man - there's a war on, get real - this is not the time for bullshit!
Well it certainly did with the CO of 2 PARA. After appearing on the most Ally thread on here, he was so inspired he single-handedly attacked a group of a Terry who, it appears, were in the process of laying an IED. They were so surprised by his allyness they failed to hit him with an RPG (OK, it nicked his leg which was presumeably dressed in MTP rather than Ally DPM) and bounced off his MTP Osprey.

Conversely I have met far too many - 'all the gear and no idear' types.
Sometimes "Allyness" makes a soldier believe he is wearing the ultimate ally kit...the cloak of invincibility, which usually ends in tears.


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Doesn't the good book tell us "Look good - feel good, feel good - fight good, fight good - stay alive?" Therefore Allyness does indeed save lives.

Then again, being a Tank Commander, it kind of comes with the job...
I think it can sometimes, if a bloke has confidence in his kit he will generally perform better than someone who is constantly worrying about bits falling off or whatever. Although I think a lot of kit issues have been addressed now, there will always be people who will splash the cash on their own kit rather than wear issue gash. But as has already been said, "look good, feel good" It can breed confidence.
Sometimes "Allyness" makes a soldier believe he is wearing the ultimate ally kit...the cloak of invincibility, which usually ends in tears.

Cough cough !! who you mixing with


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This type of discussion must have been doing the rounds since Roman times....I can remember being a new Tom in Battalion (back in the mid 80's) and being impressed by the senior Toms and JNCO's at first and the extent they seemed to go to, to 'look ally'. You get caught up in it and want to look the part etc. Some blokes took the piss.....others didn't really give a feck, I ended up somewhere in the middle.

I allways remember a Plt Sgt saying "if you look good (as in having all the gucci kit), you feel good"...implying you were a better soldier as a result....I was never convinced myself it didn't really make that much difference in my experience.
Smoke detectors save lives.

Soldiers, especially infantry ones, do as they're told when they're told.

I tried to be unally as possible, always new clean kit, pressed when initially tasked. My actions are what defined me, taking bombs apart with my bare hands; what have you ladies done today?

Anyway isn't allyness for nigs who haven't got a clue, but don't want to look like they don't have a clue.

Oh andi never took a knee, outdated ******* concept because it's always been done like that.
On Ops I would wear and carry the kit that was most suitable for the task at the time. This would inevitably result in a look that would produce a self induced semi should I have walked passed my own reflection at any time. As it was though, I found I had far too many other important things to think about than my nails appearance.
Looking ally just so you can touch yourself and to boost your ego whiffs of tubeness.

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