Where did the term ally come from and when, in my day 80's-90's it was Cabbie or Cabby
it means same thing,,,Most cabbie thing i had was a pair of Danner boots, but that was cos the issue boots were toss, i remember a bloke no names mentioned who sewed an assult vest together on a 12 hrs plane flight to Kenya, thing is there were two 44 pattern water bottles under each arm and he walked around like he had 2 rolls of carpet under his arms lol. anyone got any stories similar?


Someone (poss 5A, or VG) gave a great explanation of "ally". Can't remember where it was though? It was something to do with new aluminium parts for something IIRC, but could well be wrong.
I'm sure I heard one about it being Arabic for shade and ally berets are ones that are pulled over your eyes. Might be on Arsepedia.
I think it's probably a contraction of "allakeefik" which is Arabic for laid back or not giving a damn. I can't be bothered to look through the entire link so that's just my two penn'orth.

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