ally vegans?

Lets get this right, is she using a red-hot iron to burn the volunteer. Isn't that a bit like cooking meat?
She doesn't look like she lives off of twigs and nuts, the fat fucking bint.

Really showing how willing she is to make a sacrifice for her cause by branding someone else, I can't imagine the stresses she'll go through doing that.

Fat fucking berry munching cunt.
Get a couple of metal studs in her meatflaps then weld them together if she really wants to make a statement.
I love to see the faces of the veggy/vegan types when they're told that wine is cleared by using isinglass from fish guts. I say kill them by chucking tins of lentils at them.
I don't think I could ever be interested in a woman who won't put meat in her mouth.
I'd eat them tits in one sitting
Becky said: ‘My initial reaction to seeing the Israeli film was admiration. I don’t see it as a particularly shocking, although of course I accept that others will. But I’ve been desensitised because of research I’ve done on the dairy industry.

I think it doesn't shock her because she is a raving loon.

‘I immediately wanted to be involved and thought, “God, I couldn’t do the branding – that sounds terrifying.” But then I thought about it more and realised why not – I’ve never felt so passionately about anything.’

But no brand for herself? It doesn't sound like she is as passionate about this as she makes out.

I call 'Passion Walt'
I like the bit about her husband also being a dedicated vegan.

I will bet cashy money that:
A: He wasn't even a vegetarian when they met,
B: He only went down that path to get in her kecks
And C: He'd probably kill for a bacon butty if he thought he could get away with it without her knowing.

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She'll need eyes in the back of her head to avoid someone joke-branding her arse with a McDonalds 'M'.
Is anyone interested in setting up a burger van (horse optional) next to the event?
Just confirms what a load of crap these people talk.... in the UK at least "branding" has not been done using hot irons for decades ... the numbers that are seen on the rumps of dairy cattle are "freeze branded" using liquid nitrogen that causes the black hair to re-grow permantly white thereafter .(most dairy cows are black and white )
But hey when did the truth ever get in the way of loony campainers

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