Ally tramp?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ches, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. I have just trundled off for a wander around the fair city centre of Liverpool (no quips please) & spied myself THE allyest of the streets finest dwellers.
    An old geezer, age indeterminate but somewhere between 60 & 600 wearing a pukka boxhead Zeltbahn circa 1939-45. Now, being a tad geekish when it comes to boxhead WW2 kit i do know my Zetlbahns from my Tesco's groundsheets so am sure it was gen. Looked pretty knackered & well worn....the Zeltbahn as well as the trampy fecker wearing it.
    This old codger was bent double with rickets or something so could be an Panzer Lehr mortars...just needed to put his hands over his ears & he had the loader stance down to a tee (not an ex mortar wallah so can't remember what the bloke is called who drops the round down the tube). Was attempting to play some awful shit on a recorder & was getting change thrust into his mit.
    So, how ally can a tramp be? Maybe he's been over here since the end of WW2 as an ex POW.....destined to wander our city street forever playing the Panzer Lied & Horst Wessel? He still stunk of stale piss too.

  2. Very Ally indeed!

    Was it a Hellerer Buntfarbenaufdruck or a Dunklerer Buntfarbenaufdruck.

    I think the "Dunklerer" one would fit in better with the local background. Good Spot!!!
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There are some pretty ally tramps around I must agree, but the US seems to have the allyest ones by far, just check this chap out, he appears to be wearing some sort of ghilly suit.

  4. Thats good of him having his hound all wrapped up against the cold. Just hope it doesn't suddenly suffer from street life induced incontinence. The dog that is not the gentleman of the road.

  5. Could it be (hopefully) Bono, fallen on hard times? and his dog, Boneless.
  6. I said i was a geek not an anorak......anorak, zeltbahn....get it?......ok i'll get my coat.........Hahahahahaha.......oh fcuk off!

    In seriousness don't know them THAT well but if its a repro i' my coat!
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  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There is one in York who I mentioned in another thread

    Currently he is wearing head to toe Dessert rig
    He sleeps opposite the station in a Green maggot bag and has a old stlye bergan (but he seems to have changed this for another more modern one)

    A few weeks ago he had the older style 90's style camoflage on with Staffy / Colour rank on his sleave

    He seems to kip down alongside another boy who seems to be ex mob
    He also has a green maggot bag and they are both up about 06:00 washed and shaved in the toilets in the station
    Never saw either of them ask anyone for anything apart from maybe the odd fag
    Both keep there kit stowed as if they were on exercise I.E one item out and one straight away at a time
    Even their boots are polished
  8. Saw a chap in Swansea recently in SAS T-Shirt, Trop trousers with SAS stable belt and well polished BCH. he had a dog on a string and looked a bit ropey, but his kit looked clean and well maintained. strange.
  9. He'll be with R Squadron. They are everywhere.
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  10. Don't know about tramps (besides sucking 'em off) but I saw a labourer in Ashford back in 1996 or so with a very ally late 70's, early 80's Para smock in mega nick which I bought off him for £30 after rushing to the nearest cash point.
  11. Me me me.I've got one of them in great nick,and you can stuff yer 30 quid up yer arse :)
  12. I sponsor a tramp under richmond bridge, nice chap, now has a pussers slug and bivvy bag..

    Other harries in richmond are less appealing, there is a fucker who strutts around wearing full DPM and a beret and hangs round with a geezer with three Gi-knockerpod rotties....Didn't fancy walting the fucker out lol

    Thats proper posh Southern Richmond not the northern knock off inhabited by the slug and other wooden clog wearing wippet fondlers
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  13. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

  14. Even the tramps have to posh up in York.
  15. Wasnt this old dosser? Sure @Kirkz/ @Grey Mafia and a few others will know him could be seen anywhere between Chester and Preston