Hi, just wondering if any of you good guys on here can help?

(My Pay Office is having a hard-on about deployment and JPA and arent too keen on speaking, let alone being informative)

I am in a hotel, have recieved 90% of cost of room (which I was told came with breakfast - negative soldier that'll be 13 bucks a day extra!)

This, reasons the RAO, is to make sure I don't swan off round the world living the high life and actually go back to claim the extra 10% that comes out of my own pocket.

I eat lunch in the cookhouse on camp, but breakfast and dinner in the Hotel/town where I am staying.
I taxi into work at a cost of 15 bucks each way.
What am I entitled to foodwise, will I be re-imbursed for my Taxi's, are reciepts required for EVERYTHING and finally is there anything else I am entitled to but have not been told about?

The rules change on 1 Apr 06 so there are two answers:

Before 1 Apr 06 you are entitled to the actual cost of B&B if you booked the hotel through CHBS. If you did not then you are restricted to a maximum of £51 (ish) for accommodation and breakfast costs. For the remainder of the day you are entitled to Essential expenses (£20 less a daily travel amount of £2.70 and an abatement for lunch of £4.25 = £13.05) which is designed to cover your lunch and dinner costs. The taxi is claimable both ways assuming that is the only way you can get to and from your place of duty. Also you are entitled to Personal Incidental Expenses (PIE) of £5 per day in UK or £10 per day overseas - which is designed to cover the cost of a short phone call, laundry and a newspaper. Receipts will be required for all expenditure in excess of £10.

From 1 Apr 06 onwards you are entitled to actual B&B costs if you booked via CHBS, £53 if you didn't. You have a £21 per day allowance to cover food costs, but only receipted actual expenditure may be reclaimed. PIE is replaced by IE and only actual expenditure may be reclaimed up to the limit of £5 (not sure if this limit is the same overseas though). Only receipts over £5 required.

Hope that solves it all for you ......

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