We have a civvie clerk at our unit and when i asked the following question she just looked at me with a blank stare, so i'm going to ask here.

I've volunteered for redundancy. I just want to get few things straight in my head, should i get it.
As far i understand i'm not entitled to final tour of duty because I've only served 10 years, am i correct?
Does my final move need to be over 50 miles/90 minutes away to be able to claim disturbance allowance and removals?

Thanks in advance.
Visit the MS Web site fella it has all the listings for entitlements etc for T3
If your home address is within 50 miles, potentially one could say their civvi address is 51 miles from camp and pay the removal guys 20 each to deliver it to a different address. 40 quid is a portion of what you'd pay outright.

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