Allowances when Aeromeded from theatre

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by thumper563, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Having recently been Caseveaced from theatre followed by a stay in Smelly Oak, I am trying to get a definitive answer on what exactly the score is with various allowances.

    1. I have previously been told that LSA stops from the day that you are discharged from hospital as you are still classed as operational while you are there however good old JPA has stopped it from the day I left theatre.

    2. Operational allowance. I originally heard the rumour that if you got casevaced then you got the full 6 months worth, this was susequently confirmed by someone from my unit but they told me it had been canned the week before i was injured due to too many people coming home with ingrowing toenails and the like. I have since been told though, by a clerk, that this was never the case but it is supposed to be coming in shortly, as soon as the details are finalised. As it stands, this was stopped on the same day as my LSA, ie that day I flew out of theatre.

    Forgive me for sounding like a money grabbing barsteward but I am a big believer that the Army doesn't give much away and any free money is gratefully recieved, especially as my wife has had to run around after me due to injuries caused by Jackie the Iraqi.
  2. At least you should have got the £5/day inpatient allowance...
  3. yep, should be getting that for RCDM but apparently I don't get the 10 a day overseas rate for my time in the field hospital
  4. LSA - The reason this would have been stopped is because I assume you have been departed from Theatre therefore JPA would assume you are back at the UK. Your HR Admin in Blighty need to commence your LSA from the day you were admitted and should cease it the day you were dishcarged.

    Op Allowance - 10.1307. Continuation of the Bonus. The Bonus will be paid:

    a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere.

    I read that (extract JSP 752) as Op Allowance should be accrued when you were in hospital and should cease when you come out. So ring up your HR and get them to enter all these things and the money should follow!!
  5. Just noticed this (dated 19 Sep):

    1. For those soldiers injured on operations, entitlement to the OA will continue to the planned end of a soldier’s deployment, even if the soldier is discharged from hospital. JSP 752 Version 6, when published will include the following paragraph:

    10.1307 Continuation of the Allowance. The allowance will be paid:
    a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s
    assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is
    hospitalised1 in theatre or elsewhere. The allowance is to be paid for
    the full length of the planned deployment, up to a maximum of 6
    months, even if the Service person is discharged from hospital and
    does not return to the operational theatre.

    2. This change is to take place with immediate effect. Unit HR staff are to process any retrospective OA claims for hospitalized personnel where applicable. Particular attention is to be paid to individuals who may have now left the unit.
    1 This includes in-patients in a hospital or rehabilitation centre.
  6. Ops Allce is paid for the planned duration of your Op tour, not up to the point of casevac from theatre/discharge from hospital no matter where you were in hospital. JSP 752 Ch 13 para 10.1307 (as quoted above), is the definative answer. Where were you first hospitalised? If it was in theatre, there is no entitlement to £10 IE. If you were casevaced to a hospital in BFG though, there is an entitlement. You also get £5 for each day spent in UK hospital. Hope your recovering!
  7. Too fcuking right. Hope you're recovering mate.
  8. Yep, coming along nicely thanks. Got some awesome scars for scaring kiddies with though :twisted:

    Thanks for all your replies, got my incidentals for the week I spent in smelly Oak and just heard from clerks about the op allowance bit, just got to wait for the clerks out in theatre to sort it all out :roll: