Allowances/time frames/welfare/med discharge help

I've been told that I'm being discharged on medical grounds, I've not had a med board yet but I'm seeing the SMO in the next few weeks who is going to permanently downgrade me.
I'm also getting married in the next 6 months. I've been told that there's no chance of a pad because of the discharge and also it's not worth it with the other half having to leave her job.
We've decided that renting in the area were finally going to settle in is the only realistic option at this time but is there any way that we would get disturbance allowance, travel pay or anything else along those lines?
Also, if anyone has any idea of time frames for med boards/decisions, sick leave and again anything else to do with this kind of thing. Experience would be preferable in recent-ish times as I've been told so many different things from various welfare officers and hierarchy I'm a tad lost when it comes to who to listen to and what's BS.

Cheers for any help
Why have you been told you will be discharged when you haven't even been downgraded yet?

When/if you are downgraded to MND then you will come under a Personnel Recovery Unit who will manage you, this will include welfare and prepare you for civvy street, under a PRU the resettlement is far better with allowance unto £7000 for training.
That was the SMO, he knew about me getting married and because I'm in a non-deployable job he was happy to TND to delay things. Waiting that long isn't an option now he's going to have to further downgrade me to PND.

This PRU thing has been one of the things I've been told different...
One in welfare said the PRU is as you said i.e. "Personnel Recovery Unit who will manage you, this will include welfare and prepare you for civvy street" fantastic would make things so much easier.

Another in welfare has told me that a PRU is a specialist unit for rehabilitation away from your parent unit to get back to a deployable status. As I've had all the ops, treatment and rehab I can (to no avail), I wouldn't be eligible to be posted to a PRU as there's no benefit.

Confused on a mega level here..
You will only be posted to the PRU if they have capactiy it is not automatic that everyone will go to the PRU's they only have so much capcity and if you dont it is up to the unit to ensure your transition.
The first thing to do is go to the local education centre and see the IERO, the civvy there who is responsible for resettlement. He or she can go through what you are entitled to and what you should be doing.
PRU is there to aid a Service Person with their recovery either back into training or into civvy street if their illness/injury restricts further service.
I am dealing with a PRU as we speak and they have up to £12K per individual to assist in courses for retraining, this is charity money not you Army resettlement money!! I believe there is even a case where they will pay for things like a diploma, and you can have your discharge date extended by up to 6 months if your doing a long course. But don't hold me to gospel on that, I suggest speaking to your local PRU.

Once you have your final medical board and Glasgow sorts out its part of the paperwork you will have pretty much 90 days until your a civvy, its that quick..... Make sure you get the SMO to put deferred resettlement into the paperwork, this will entitle you to use your Army resettlement for 2 years after your discharge date, some £530 aprox and also allows you to still dip into courses run by your CTP.

I cant help you with info on any allowances, I suggest you put yourself in your RAO/RAOWO/FSA's intray depending on what rank you are and how well you get on with them.

Things I suggest you do on Monday:
1. make an appointment to see your IERO (Individual Entitlement Resettlement Officer) who will explain the whole resettlement thing for you. You can actually start your resettlement before you have your final medical board.
2. Speak to your Unit Welfare people and get hold of the number of your local PRU, speak to them and get what they can and cant do straight from the horses mouth!
3. Sit down with your partner and figure out what you intend to do as a new career......
4. If your really stuck and desperate after speaking to those people, you can PM me ;)

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