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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pimpernel, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. My son is back on R&R from Herrick 17 and we are helping him sort out his pay which is proving to be a nightmare. Can any one give me the load down on allowances that a Private is entitled to in theatre. His net pay is only £1,247.65 which is only a couple of hundred more than what he was being paid in the UK.
  2. He'll get LSA (Long Separation Allowance) which varies by level but is in the region of £10 per day (the exact figure depends on the level he is on, it's also taxable). He won't get his Op Allowance until the end of the tour. If he's a couple of hundred up on his normal pay it is probably right. Get him to check his pay statement to see if he is receiving LSA.
    Level 1 (up to 280 days qualifying separation)
    Level 2 (281‑460 days qualifying separation)
    Level 3 (461‑640)
    Level 4 (641‑820)
    Level 5 (821‑1000)
    Level 6 (1001‑1180)
    Level 7 (1181‑1360)
    Level 8 (1361‑1540)
    Level 9 (1541‑1720)
    Level 10 (1721‑1900)
    Level 11 (1901‑2080)
    Level 12 (2081‑2260)
    Level 13 (2261‑2440)
    Level 14 (2441+)
  4. As you are sorting his pay I assume he is a youngster. Id suggest unless hes completed a couple of tours already he is on Level 1.
  5. Yes he is a youngster and this is his first tour.
    Many thanks for all the help and pointers.
  6. A couple of hundred quid extra sounds about right on top of his pay. Thats including not being charged accommodation. If he does have any worries, then I'm sure an SPS person would be able to tell if something is massively wrong within seconds.
  7. He should pay 0 food charges for the duration of the tour
    Also he should pay 0 accom charges as he is on field conditions.

    He will be getting LSA (level 1 presumably) paid @ 6.69 a day
    He will be getting Op Allowance however this is NOT paid until the end of the tour when he will recieve it in his pay either the final pay day before leaving theater or the first pay day after returning to theater.

    Also he is not entitled to LSA whilst home on RnR so he pay will be short the month he returned to the UK
  8. Just out of curiosity, why are you sticking your nose into his pay, and why is it a nightmare?