Allowances if any whilst sick at home - Question

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fatlad_spotter, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Lads and Ladies,

    Heres a brief history of my circumstances - the question is am I entitled to any thing in retrospect or do I crack on?

    1. Aug 08 - injured - 2 weeks unconsious

    2. Sep 08 - sent sick at home full of drugs and told will need to go to Headley court

    3. Late Nov - sent to Headley Court and am patient there until end of Feb 09.

    Ok here goes - whilst sent sick at home ( my house, am single guy) recieved no allowances but as soon as I hit Headley court I recieved IE and LSA - I dont get why, if I cannot return to my unit and the army stick me in my own house due to injuries until a space is free in Headley court I am entitled to nothing - even though I am 350 miles away from my unit.
    Also I was in reciept of GYH(S) my unit never stopped it whilst I was out of it and when I was taken under the wing of the Sickness Absence Management team their pay bod told me I should not have been in reciept of it whilst sick at home and now have a GPD (debt) of £1333 to pay back! - this has already had the objection paperwork filed

    During the whole time my unit never sent a paystatement to me and I was so out of it I was living day to day. On the rare visit I got from my unit the officer said everything was in order with my admin - yet obviously not (GYH(S))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It just feels like I was out of sight out of mind and had to fend for my self with head injuries and drugged up - yet when I eventually get admitted the system kicks in and pays IE and LSA - can I claim for the time sick at home - I did not want to be in my house alone there but due to injuries was not allowed to return to my unit and due to the waiting list couldnt get into Headley court.

    The SAM team were brilliant and really helped me out - they pushed to get me in Headley as quick as poss and really supported me - I cant thank them enough - didnt really understand how much good they could achieve until I was the man needing the help.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Why do you need IE's?
  3. IE expenses are for those away on duty, to reimburse for expenditure such as internet, phone calls home, laundry, etc. You were at home, with all these facilities available. What grounds do you think you have for claiming it?

    GYH - the clue is in the title, GET YOU HOME. You were already at home. Wasn't it obvious that this money wasn't yours to keep?

    As for being home alone, it sucks that your unit didn't provide more support. However, if life at home alone was so unbearable, you could have phoned SSAFA, it's what they're there for.
  4. I think the only thing youd get for being at home would be the fact that you arent paying food and accommodation for the block. No IE, no LSA and no GYH(S).

    Pity your unit shafted you though.
  5. You should be able to claim your Food and Accn back while at home.
    Unfortunately you should have been able to access your paystatement and ensure you were not getting paid anything you should not.
    Remember its your Life, Your Career and as a big boy your job to sort out bills and ensure your being paid correctly you should know it cannot be left to others to sort stuff for you.
    I hope you get it all sorted but you should really not be entitled to anything extra while at home... You did not have to go home you could have stayed in camp it was your choice.
  6. Reference not receiving your pay statement... couldn't you have phoned your clerks, told them about your predicament, and have got them to find your pay statements for you and/or pull them up on JPA and discuss them down the phone?

    Surely you checked your bank balance and thought "ahh **** that's a bit much"... Since you received 1300 quid in the space of 2-3months ontop of what you should've earnt. if my pay was 400 more than usual.. Alarm bells would start ringing.

    "I didn't think they could possibly make a mistake and just spent it" aint a valid excuse. Look on the bright-side.. You'll only pay back 4 working days a month's worth ;)
  7. Lads
    the clue was in "head injury" - at that time i couldnt read - and didnt know what my name was. IE - my main abode was my room in the mess - so I get an extra £5 a day and LSA for being cared for in a hospital bed and nothing for fending for myself in a house. If I hadnt had the financial foresight to buy my place where would the army have housed me???????????? Definatley not my unit - I begged to go back but was told not till your better - - so if I had been sent anywhere I would have been in reciept of the allowances. AND CHEERS FOR THE NICE COMMENT ABOUT CALL YOUR CLERKS- TIT - i had major brain trauma and skull fractures - Why is it for injured soldiers to chase their admin? My main effort was getting better - - doesnt the welfare officer make sure that admin is done ? Isnt the CO briefed monthly on sick at home soldiers? - Yes to both!!!! I now have diminished eyesight, loss of hearing in my right ear and no sense of smell or taste.
    So thanks for reasoned input ------and for the posters who get hard ons being smug and talking shite - get your arse into some osprey and fight as well as you type - c*cks
  8. Gosh, you're an angry little man aren't you?

    Pardon me if I interrupt you here, but if you are well enough to type on here, you should be able to call your clerks. If you are still in a dilemma, call the JPAC and ask them to sort you out. Alternatively, call the AWS.

    Mate, if you are that bad, you should be happy to be alive.
  9. who sent you sick at home?
  10. Prick - I am well enough because Ive just been released from Headley Court and am now trying to sort out the dramas - and yes I am angry you fuckin knob
  11. A couple of the replies to this blokes question have been ridiculous - he was asking what he may be entitled to claim not demanding you give him your own money. IIRC this is a serious(ish) forum and unless questions on here come from complete throbbers or are mind-alteringly stupid then IMHO you should try to add any bits of knowledge you may have or not bother posting at all.

    To fatlad_spotter:

    Calm down a bit mate, sounding off at people who wind you up on the internet will not get you the answers you were after. If the SAM team were helpful and approachable then give them a bell and ask them about the expenses issue, they are bound to know the answers or at least know the blokes who will.
  12. Cheers Alf - your bang on there - I apologise to all for going weapons free
  13. I concur. Fatlad - there is a wealth of experience in here, please use us nicely. I know the square root of FA about allowances and pay, but am willing to ask someone (FSA) when the lazy bugger comes back to work after getting married. If that's OK with you.

    Stop being angry mate, it's only a keyboard. I'll PM you my number if you want to have a rant.

    Dale T xxx
  14. Fatlad, i will attempt to give you a reasonable answer, but i am also at home on sick leave so don't have any manuals to hand and certainly no pay guru!! Most has already been answered in between the sarcasm

    The day you were sent on Sick Leave, your GYH stops i'm afraid, your dates in Headley court attract LSA and IE. I do not beleive there is any entitlement once discharged back to your own home.

    If you are in a mess, give them a ring and get them to warn you out from the date you went on sick leave, you should have some refunds on your mess bill. If PAYD then no dramas with food, not sure with accn (i was under impression if you kept a room then you pay for it)

    Whoever administers your Sick at home register should have checked with the unit HR that your pay was correct, my unit certainly does, sounds like you have been let down at that point

    Hope you make as well a recovery as possible
  15. Cheers Smoggy - I do get the fact that my GYH should stop - thats my point - I was in no state to check and nothing was done until I was transferred to the SAM team to be admin'd - so there were failings at regimental level for 4 months until I was moved - I dont want to blame any one but feel I have been massivley let down - and when visited by a Regimental Officer I did ask about pay and admin and the fact I was recieving no forwarded mail or pay statements - he said everything was ok and he would sort the mail - I only know this because my memory was so bad my lass bought a diary and wrote everything down so when I was better I would know what had happend.

    I now know from the reasoned responses Ive had I am entitled to nothing and should crack on - now I know I will - just feel a bit let down - but that life and will now push on. Thanks to all

    Snail - cheers for the PM - What a good soldier you are