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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cleo28, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    The clerks at my husband's unit don't seem to be able to answer these two questions with any certainty, so I wonder if anyone here with more knowledge might be able to clarify.

    The first is disturbance allowance. 3 years ago when he got his posting, I moved back to my parents (from married quarters) and he was married unaccompanied living on base. He now has a new posting, starting 2nd Feb. We have rented a house which we have just moved in to ready for the new posting. Would we be entitled to disturbance allowance?

    Second question, leave started last Wednesday. He was called back from leave to go into work to do something for an hour tomorrow. Problem is we live 320 miles from base. He is going by train, and getting taxis to the base and coming straight back. Can the cost of this be claimed under any heading?

    Much appreciated if anyone can help.

  2. 1st question - no he can claim the singlies entitlement £85 I think it is

    2nd question - no
  3. Thanks. Fair enough on the first one, not quite so happy about the second given that it has now cost us over £100 for him to pop in and print something off for 1/2 an hour! Thanks anyway.
  4. Yes he can claim disturbance allowance full rate
    Disturbance allowance is the property you move to, not from.

    and yes he can claim for being called back in from leave, it's in the JPS 752 under recall from leave.
  5. strange, personnel in our unit have been told if the spouse moves out the soldier then gets treated as a single soldier, they have moved before the assignment start so is it not classed as a mid tour move and not for service reasons.

    Called back from leave? new one on me I get called in all the time, do u have a linky?
  6. Is there anything there about claiming that day's leave back from his annual leave entitlement? Been called into work a few times whilst on leave myself, If I could claim the day back it might make my boss think twice about calling me in to work for trivial things in the future.
  7. I'll try and get a civvy link for you now.

    If it is a mid assignment move, there is no entitlement, but they have made that move on the grounds of the assignment order, so it is a move on assignment hence an entitlement. Assuming of course that we are talking about an RWA (residence at work adddress) and you will be commuting.

    The leave thing will be harder to find on civvy network, but I will find it for you. Basically, it's travel for service needs, not yours, therefor entitlement to travel at public expense is accepted.

    And yes, you can also claim back that day's leave, but you will need to push it.
  8. JSP 752:

    04.0115. Recall From Leave. Service personnel may be recalled to duty during a period of leave only for the most compelling reasons which could not have been foreseen before their departure. Reasonable extra and necessary expenses incurred by Service personnel in complying with orders for recall from a period of leave can be refunded. Travel to resume the leave may also be at public expense but is subject to the following:
    a. Stationed in the UK. Duty travel to resume the leave is not permissible to a place beyond that from which the Service person was recalled. Travel expenses incurred as a result of any travel outside the UK to resume leave are not to be refunded.
    b. Stationed Overseas. Service personnel stationed overseas who are recalled from local leave may be allowed to travel at public expense to resume leave, provided that the unexpired period of leave exceeds 3 days and cannot reasonably be added to the next period of leave. Service personnel stationed overseas who are recalled from leave in the UK or beyond their local overseas area may not return to their leave location at public expense for the unexpired leave period.
    Where a return to the leave address at public expense is not authorised, a claim for the curtailed holiday may be admissible as Nugatory Holiday Expenditure (see Chapter 10 Section 9).
  9. JSP 752 Disturbance allowance

    07.0108. General. Only one claim and therefore one rate of DA is payable when a Service person is permanently assigned to a new duty station (plus the Child Element of DA where appropriate). The DA payment is to be based upon the type of accommodation the Service person is going to occupy for the majority of the assignment (but see paragraph 07.0116). The property for which DA is claimed must be occupied for a minimum of 6 months during the assignment. In cases where the accommodation for which a DA payment is made is vacated within 6 months for other than Service reasons recovery action may be taken. Rates payable are for moves into:
  10. Hope this helps :)
  11. Thanks so much for all the replies. That is really useful and an added bonus re the disturbance allowance!

    So does the fact that we moved into the rented property at the beginning of December (so we wouldn't lose it) ahead of his Feb posting not make a difference?

  12. So long as you had the assignment order before you moved you're fine.
  13. Yes we did, so should be fine! I feel really cheeky asking so many questions, but one final one, I have just noticed on another post that GYH pay will only be paid for owned properties (not rented) - does the same apply for home to work (RILOR is it?) travel on a daily basis?

    Last one I promise - and thanks again.

  14. 1st of all, what you have read, is wrong, or you may have simply misinterperetted it. GHY is payable for a property you rent and would use if not for the extingiencies of the forces. It is not payable if you rent out that house, ergo, would be unable to live in it.

    What Was RILOR, now HDT (Home to Duty) is claimable for both rented and owned properties for both single and married personnel.

    Anymore :p
  15. What I read was wrong! Oh well, all cleared up now. Thanks ever so much. Managed to find out more here in a couple of hours that he has with his clerks in weeks!