Allowance Cuts - Announcement Imminent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by massarge, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. AG has written to Comds to warn of the impending announcement of Allowances Savings Measures for FYs 11/12 and 12/13 (£135M and £250M respectively).

    They will be issued in a DIB and ABN, and Comds will be given 24 hours notice of the announcement (any time from 30 Nov 10) in order to prepare briefings.

    The changes will bring hardship to some and dissapointment to most. Rumours are already spreading that HTD is in the firing line.

    What cut would most affect you and your decision to remain in Service?
  2. So you got any inside gen?
  3. Just waiting for the Warning Order - it's coming with loads of info, FAQs etc. Will rebro the juicy bits soonest....
  4. This will be interesting, the MOD has warned CS staff that they wish to withdraw DS and IE and many CS Removals allces, I wonder how many of those ideas will also apply to the military.
    I could see that HTD Private and some GYH allces may be in the firing line, perhaps even non operational LSA.
  5. I doubt very much any changes will bring any real hardship, just less beer tokens.
  6. Stacker,

    AG quoted:

    ...some people could experience significant impact from one or a combination of the measures...

    Not a man to say such things lightly.
  7. So that will be another M350 saved to dole out to the third world or foreign bank[ers] nearer home?
  8. These some people being?
    Its like the recent cut in LOA, people moaning the world is coming to an end because a single tom is ONLY getting something like 7 quid a day, yet I remember it being about £2.50 a few years back. I don't doubt the cuts might affect peoples spending patterns but I bet they wont actually be facing any real hardships, they just will downscale the size of the next LCD TV they buy.
  9. Just more gradual erosion of our living standards and more imbalance in the military covenant...


  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Sorry, pp, didn't quite catch what you were saying.
  11. PP, if you want anyone to take heed of your comments, you may need to tone down your signature block....
  12. Massarge, do you know if those figures are pan defence or are they Army savings. If they are the Army slice then that is a significant sum. Using a ball park figure of 100K Regular and 35K TA, this would work out to an average of £80 reduction per man each month and £150 in the following year.
  13. pensionpointer, thats a spot on signature block, wheres it from ?
  14. Anything about MQ??? or Disturbance allowance?
  15. Some of the greedy ******* out there will think and protest otherwise, cue endless whinging from certain wives.