Allocation of Married Quarters

My son is thinking of joining up. At the moment he lives with his girlfriend and son. The NCO in the recruiting office has told him he doesn't have to be married to be allocated a quarter. Can anyone enlighten me on this as when I was in regular service(23 years ago) there was no chance of this happening. thanks :?:
i live with my girlfriend and daughter, when i swore my oath the major gave me a lecture on married quarters saying that you strictly have to be married for this.

however, when applying my recruiter told me im entitled to them as i have a child?
He can apply for an MQ as primary carer for his child. The problem then is he isnt allowed to co-habitate under JSP 464 so officially his partner could not reside there. He can apply to the housing executive for permission but will most likely be denied and could prejedice his MQ allocation.

If he is serious about joining up and looking after his partner and child the best bet is to get married, that little piece of paper opens doors and makes sure they are provided should the worst happen on duty.

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