Allocation of Light Role Bns to Deployable Fmns

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Headline news for those of us wondering the roles of the light role infantry:

    o 2 SCOTS (Edinburgh – Glencorse Bks – from April 2006) – 4 Mech Bde
    o 5 SCOTS/ 1 R IRISH / 2 RGR– 12 Mech Bde (2½ yrs in 12 Bde, 2½ yrs in 52 Bde, 5 yrsin 16 Bde by rotation)
    o 2 YORKS (Preston – Weeton – from August 2007) – 20 Armd Bde
    o 1 WELSH (Chester – The Dale – from September 2008) – 1 Mech Bde
    o 3 RIFLES (Edinburgh – Redford Bks – current location) – 7 Armd Bde
  2. Weeton is a long way fm Germany

    Out of sight...out of MS mind.
  3. Sounds thoroughly daft to me. I thought that this was supposed to end the old 2 year arms plot.

    Either leave them in the role to which they have been assigned, and let them all crack on with inter-divisional/inter-regimental postings, or let them be in one role so that the army can have a bit of expertise to call on without screwing around a few thousand boys every 2-3 years by moving them and their families.

  4. its a singlies army well it should be and moving around is good for young lads i say let them move around but try do it in summer hols to let the pads sort there lives out
  5. So much for the demise of the arms plot. What will be the role of 1SCOTS stationed in Dreghorn?
    Will each Bn in Scotland, including, presumably, The Rifles, be subjected to Public Duties at Ballater?
  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    What's happening to the We Flog Rockets? Any word on how the Belfast Bn in 19 Light will work/rotate?

  7. Barbs,

    Can I just ask where you got this from? I've heard something different.

  8. Its nothing to do with Arms plotting. It is about affiliation with a fmn, which they are not at the present. I understood 1 SCOTS would be in 19 Light Bde.

    Not sure about the rotation nor about the how 19 Bde will work (yet).

    Army Briefing Note, but since its RESTRICTED I can't put much else on here...
  9. Cheers.

    Quite understand - looks like I'll have to wait till Monday morning then.
  10. Weeton! the best posting in UK! and you can see blackpool tower from the bn square. thumbing home from here in 1983 i was home 3 hours after leaving camp.
  11. As an aside, the Yorkshire Regiment website suggests that 1YORKS 2YORKS and 2LANCS will rotate between Osnabruck, Weeton and Cyprus on a 5-5-2½ year rotation
  12. Now this doesn't sound entirely right as that would suggest that they would be re-roling (AI and Light Role), which FIS is due to discontinue. Moving, yes, re-roling no. Odd.
  13. I should have added that the Osnabruck battalion was listed as LIGHT ROLE too :?:

    Someone who knows more than me might have the answer :?
  14. What the hell is an Armd Bde supposed to do with a light role battalion?

    Sounds suspiciously like they need people to stag on-
  15. Just for reference, my source is here.
    (my emphasis)

    Mind you, this is obviously not a misprint, as The Royal Anglicans are also moving to Germany in the Light Role