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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Artemis1, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Obviously the thread was locked as it went a bit South however it would be interesting to get a sensible update as to what occurs with the advertiser.
  2. Apparently, the Alloa Advertiser is investigating and will run a story next week!

    There is an open group on Facebook 'NIG winters/Walter Mitty'.
  3. Alloa and Bowmar pipe band have suspended him and Central Scotland Police are also investigating.
  4. Why was the original thread locked, legal reasons or something sexier?
  5. Probably to much frothing from the bell end.
  6. Too much wind from the bass drone?
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  7. Too may arseholes thinking that they were some sort of vigilante group. Happens all the time, usual suspects, same old shite. They'll all be back on the Jim Short bandwagon by now...well, until they see this thread and then they'll start foaming and slavvering at the mouth again.
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  8. I see no cunt has phoned Phil Campion either :)
  9. There is no need for the 'usual suspects' to post shite. He's going to get his in due course!
  10. well. I'm certainly not going to, not only did I say he looked lovely, but he's also a fridge chucking lumpy cunt that doesn't look like he's a stranger to dishing out the kind of heavy handed slap that could knock black pudding out your arse.
  11. When a Walt is doing something that can damage people like offering PTSD advice I'm all for a bit of hounding but when its some mong playing dress up I much prefer a nice bit of point and laugh myself.

    It's a shame we never found out who was trying to hack Mark Powells email accounts at his work place though. There's something very funny about someone that will risk prison because they are jealous of them making a few quid.
  12. I briefly skimmed over the original thread, it was cringeworthy to read about his antics, especially the cancer talk from the most eminent cancer specialist in the world.

    I personally think someone who has to create such an interesting persona is seriously lacking in some way. He doesnt seem to be gaining financially from the BS, if anything he must be out of pocket with all his Mr Ben outfits.

    I havent read enough about him, I dont think he has a book out etc. I hope he gets help with his insecurities. Mr Day bought a load of gongs and a beret, and his girlfriend probably sucked like a Dyson because of it, this guy seems to crave the attention and may not be intelligent enough to realise how unfeasible his antics were.
  13. He has gained public admiration and even a best citizen award due to his alleged past military experiences within the SF.

    He was always a BS, even when I knew him serving!
  14. Cheers for that, I didnt know he had served at all, I thought he was just a bullshitter and probably mentally lacking in some way? What was he in really then?
  15. He served in 1 Regt AAC, based at Gutersloh, From 94ish. He was posted back to UK on comp reason prior to the Balkans tour where he served at 8 Flt AAC at Sterling Lines, Hereford till about 2000ish. He then got out.

    He never served on a single op tour during his time, and obviously got out prior to the battle of jubilee!