Alloa, remembrance parade 2011 walt

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by MacSapper, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. I posted about this WALT last year but the picture I posted didn't have a clear view of his face.
    I got a call from up North last week and got sent this picture from a local newspaper.
    When I first spoke to him a few years ago he said he was in the AAC for 6 years and got MD'd for injuries sustained in GW 1. He is a Drum Major in a couple of Pipe Bands in Central Scotland and has been seen parading around in RM Blues uniform, A & SH WO's kit, and Rifles SNCO Kit. He told the local news that he was ex SF, and now his Walting has got worse, he's been awarded 5 more medals? and now wore a sand coloured beret at the Alloa remembrance parade 2011 considering he's been out 12 years I think he needs to be outed properly or is the Balklava club in Stirling a cover for "Walts are us"

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  2. The club closed down last year, as for his walting you could speak into his ear.
  3. What is the middle medal on the top row ? And the furthest from his buttons ?

    He has to have a problem !
  4. I did a little recce and found it is either the Royal Navy LS&GC or a UN 50 Year Medal.
    From eyes on the day the gap under the second row had a Cross type medal in it but the pin fell off. This picture was taken after he laid a wreath at the Alloa memorial, we don't have an RBL in the town any more but this Walt keeps getting invited by the council to lay a wreath year after year. The Auld Vets in the town don't now any of these medals as its well after their time.
  5. Why not ask him when he served? Then pop over to Rum Ration and ask around. They are not a large Corps. It should be easy to check if someone in the know knows him or can check when he went through. Then, if he appears to be telling porkies, as you know people in his locality you can pass on any info gained. They can then approach him.

    edit just because I'm nosy. Is this the same guy? The beat goes on for Drum Major / Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser / News / Roundup

    edited again because i am old and slow :)
  6. Top Row are

    GULF (No Clasp, so would have been in Cyprus or similar - So how would he get wounded?)
    Nato Former Yugoslavia
    UN - Poss UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Def not RNLSGC
    BAOR Commemorative Bling

    Bottom row too blurred to make out
  7. You point out to the council his bona fides or lack of, noone likes looking a cwunt
  8. Here's his twitter page

  9. FFS Sweaty remind me never to upset you or BeeeeeeG Heed
  10. It would be quite something if all of this, the cancer included, was a load of shite. He would have to be one deeply disturbed chappy to make all of that up.
  11. Can anyone tell me why he is wearing "his" bling under his neck? Have I missed something?
  12. I'm sure he joined E coy 51 Highland around 2001/2. if it's the same guy he was supposed to have been in the army air corps as a door gunner.
  13. Awwww he wants Jeremy Kyle to give a damn

    Graham Snowy Winters
    @Drummysnowy Graham Snowy Winters
    @itvjeremykyle, jez how do you feel about us ex armed forces that just get forgotten about while trying to settle back into civilaisation?
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