Alliest webbing ever or just overkill?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sgnsty, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. sgnsty

    sgnsty Old-Salt

    Just found this webbing up for sale on fleabay... wondering what peoples opinions of it are? Alley as fcuk or carrying to much kit?

    ' The layout of the vest is as follows: Lower body- -x2 Double ammo pouches – can carry 12 5.56mm mags. Pouches closed with Velcro and press stud flaps for easy one handed operation. -Knife / bayonet loops on the side of the left ammo pouch. -9mm pistol mag pouch mounted on the front of the left ammo pouch. -x2 Water bottle pouches – easily carry ’58 pattern water bottle and much. -349 Radio pouch on left hip between ammo and water bottle pouches. -x1 Butt pack for all other essentials. -Right angled torch pouch / pop flare pouch between butt pack and left water bottle pouch. -Loopline pouch between right hand water bottle pouch and butt pack. -GPS pouch mounted on the front of the right hand ammo pouch. -Loops between ammo pouches for speed loader – as on PLCE ammo pouches. -Bungee straps on rear for sand bag. Right Chest- -x4 40mm UGL / M203 bomb pouches on right lower chest. All have double studs for different types of bomb. -Upper right chest has general purpose pouch / prismatic compass pouch. -Zipped dump pouch as on normal assault vests. Left chest- -x2 Grenade pouches, for either smoke or frag. -PRR radio pouch -Monocular pouch -Torch pouch The rig in general has a padded waist with SR clip and a 25mm SR clip to keep the chest fastened'

    heres the link:

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  2. Tango34_UK

    Tango34_UK War Hero

  3. Did you really post this as a bit of free extra advertising?

    Looks okay to me. How much do you carry on your webbing, if you think this is overkill?
  4. Tango34_UK

    Tango34_UK War Hero

    No this isn't one of mine.

  5. I didn't mean you Tango, I hadn't seen your post.
  6. Tango34_UK

    Tango34_UK War Hero

    Tartan, no problems!

  7. Looks like a decent vest, camming water bottles up is a bit sad though
  8. Super_Quick

    Super_Quick Swinger

    I assume the grenades, mobile phone, prismatic compass and mags are not included?
  9. sgnsty

    sgnsty Old-Salt

    looks pretty good but do the prr and grenade pouches under the arms get in the way or does it sit low enough to avoid this...
  10. qwerty

    qwerty Old-Salt

    eBay has rules about the selling of wpns (L111's), bet the item gets pulled.
  11. Tango34_UK

    Tango34_UK War Hero

    My version, sits low like PLCE but has the features of a vest.

  12. Tango34_UK

    Tango34_UK War Hero

  13. It clearly says in the write up none of the surrounding kit is for sale. it's just to show you what the webbing can carry
  14. stroker

    stroker War Hero

    Pretty Ally - provided you're in a job that requires it. On a movements clerk based at Brize it might look a tad over the top.

    But whoever you are camming up water bottles means you have too much time on your hands.
  15. qwerty

    qwerty Old-Salt

    Thanks for clearing that up......I'm not able to access eBay from my work PC. :worship: