Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pharscape81, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Which nation do you think is our best (not strongest) ally and why?
  2. Canada, always stuck by us
  3. Canada/Australia/New Zealand - wouldn't want to pick just one.

    (South Africa and Rhodesia deserve a mention for past deeds too.)

    edit: In the future I think India and the Dutch will turn out the same way.
  4. In terms of manpower, India - the biggest volunteer mass-mobilisations of both wars, including the biggest in recorded history (WW2, 2 million men rallied to the Colours).

    In terms of percentage of eligibles, Canada - in both WWs they sent the largest share of it's service-age manpower of any Empire or Commonwealth country.
  5. So were saying it's the commonwealth, they've always been there when we've needed them.
  6. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  7. I've a soft spot for the Poles. Both the WW2 and the new immigrant population drink in my local. They're wonderful people and 303 Squadron is legendary. They hated the Germans so much they not only were the highest scoring squadron during the Battle of Britain but had to be taken on one side and encouraged not to machine gun Germans attached to parachutes falling towards the orchards and hop fields of Kent…


    Flt Lt Jan Zumbach (303 'Polish' Sqn) with his Mk V, BM144, (r) Wg Cdr Stefan Witorzenc (OC 1st Polish Fighter Wing)
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Whenever we've hit the skids, nations too numerous to count on two hands have come to our aid, and some with vast quantities of support. The commonwealth has been one of the greatest communities ever to exist, internationally speaking, and our contribution to each other is second to none.

    And yes, many fine none-commonwealth countries have manned-up in our (and their) time of need, with exceptional bravery - ie: the Poles amongst others.

    There is only ONE 'ally' that I can think of that has ever charged us (with interest) for the privilege of their support . . .
  9. Rhodesia deserve rather more than a mention. Their contribution to the Second World War relative to their size was enormous! Which is obviously why we have fecked them off at the high port in their hour of need.

    I have always rather felt that the Dutch have been good friends to us, not only in the big one, WW2 but ever since. Their ratpacks are nicer than ours too!

    Remember this bunch anyone??

  10. Ahhh - but that's the price of a special relationship ...........
  11. The price was a little to high for my tastes
  12. I reckon the Free Poles' help in WW2 - particularly the (let's face it) very romantic fighter boys in 1940 - is one reason why the current wave of immigration into Britain from Poland hasn't met with more resistance. OK, they're white skinned which helps - scuppering the more stupid racists - but lots of people remember and are grateful. It's one reason why my parents' generation is pro-Russian.
  13. What are you on about, annakey? People from WW2 or just after don't tend to be pro-Russian!!!
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Er, sorry, how many Russians answered the call to the colours then? I thought they were just defending their own turf, from Russia, and trying to grab their share of Europe afterwards a la the krouts?!? :roll:

    The Poles, Indians, Dutch, (some) French, Rhodesians, South Africans, (some) Irish, Norwegians etc, etc, etc all fought FOR the British. The Russians didn't IMHO. In actual fact, there are still many Poles, who, despite Polish service to the crown, are rather embittered towards the British . . . why? Because we left them to the Russians (actually WE didn't, the Russians and Septics cooked that one up all by themselves).
  15. Also lets not forget the Poles enormous contribution to cracking Enigma. they all of the pre-War of the ground work - even sent one of their cryptanalysis to a German University for the anvanced maths he needed! They handed all this over to us.

    Also their Navy that managed to escape joined ours, as well as their Army - and made an enormous contribution.

    Lets make August "Buy a Pole a Pint" Month as a thank you.