Allies recog 101 - lessons for the gung-ho

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. It seems that the US military's senior officers have at last realised that Bubba is unable to tell the difference between a group of european (& Fijian) soldiers, dressed in British uniforms, travelling in British military vehicles, and shouting at them in English, from the local insurgents. Lessons in 'how to recognise our allies' start soon.

    This from the Times:,,7374-1517327,00.html
  2. What? Dammit man, it's an outrage!
  3. Yes, it is.
  4. Isn't the Union flag part of the state flags of Texas & Hawaai?
  5. If you got post to anywhere near the Yank, you got to get use being shot at by them. Just pray that they miss and with nothing bigger than the M19 40mm laucher.

    By the way, may be we should dress in Red Coat it may help their recongisation
  6. Texas is 'the lone star.'

  7. Hawaii yes, Texas no.

    I agree, this is a disgrace. Those soldiers that shot at the Brits should be court martialed, for being poor shots.
  8. youd end up with an army the size of Luxemburgs if you CM'd all the septics who couldnt shoot straight! :lol: :lol:
  9. Perhaps we should fly the Confederate flag as well as Union flag. The Good Old Boys will surely recognise that. What about the old lady who wrapped herself in the flag and said something about "Shoot if you must this old grey head......."
  10. This is nothing new, the blue on blues i mean. It's been commented on at least as far back as WWII. So what is it about the US soldier and his training that has given them such a reputation?
  11. I think shouting "no nos tire son británico" at the US Army would help, I understand spanish is more widely understood than English in the US Army.
  12. I remember some septic cocking his gympy and taking a lead on a lynx flying over us in Telic 1. Normally I would mind having a pop at the crabs but this was in broad daylight, it was covered in roundels and we were still in kuwait!

    They get no AFV trg so what do we expect?

  13. seriously??? 8O
  14. Real US AFV rec training lesson in the Gulf (first time round)

    Ins: OK, next one, T55, Floppy tracks...

    Everyone: Blow it away

    Ins: Next......

    I am NOT joking, Serious face >>>> :|
  15. Semi-seriously. It depends on who they are, but generally it's fairly much restricted to US AFVs. Certainly the reports at the time of Warriors during GW1 and the Canadians who got shot up on exercise, cited the fact that the Air National Guard pilots had no formal AFV recognition training on the vehicles which they attacked... :roll:

    I stand to be corrected.