Allies go after Iran as beefedup naval force head to Gulf


Britain is joining an American military campaign to blunt Iranian influence in Iraq and the Gulf.

In a move likely to heighten tension in an already volatile part of the world, US forces have been ordered to detain Iranian agents in Iraq and to strengthen substantially America’s military presence in the Gulf.

Two Royal Navy minehunters have arrived in the Gulf to reinforce a naval frigate on patrol in the area.

“We are going after their [Iran’s] networks in Iraq,” Zalmay Khalilzad, the outgoing US Ambassador to Baghdad, said. The aim was to change the behaviour of the Islamic regime in Tehran, he added.

Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, accused Tehran of “very negative behaviour”.

Twice in the past few weeks US forces have detained Iranian officials in Iraq, first in Baghdad and last week in the northern city of Arbil.

Times Online
Well I don't think Tehran would be too worried about the 2 USN CSG's (+ an ESG) in the region, they only dispose about 140 aircraft and 500 or so TLAM's. But now a couple of RN minesweepers are on their way, I expect they'll abandon their nuke programme immediately! :hmm:


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FFS, it comes to something when the deployment of 2 x minesweepers is newsworthy!!!!

But, I guess, it is about 50% of our deployable sea power!


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I think at the moment it is a lot of huff and bluff in the papers with the expectation that Iran will take note.

A minesweeper or two does not an invading army make. 20,000 extra US troops doesn't make one either.

Some jets with TLAMS, MOB's etc., does make an interesting declaration of intent as far as their nuclear program goes however.

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