Allies go after Iran as beefedup naval force head to Gulf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Newbie_Girl, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Times Online
  2. Well I don't think Tehran would be too worried about the 2 USN CSG's (+ an ESG) in the region, they only dispose about 140 aircraft and 500 or so TLAM's. But now a couple of RN minesweepers are on their way, I expect they'll abandon their nuke programme immediately! :hmm:
  3. FFS, it comes to something when the deployment of 2 x minesweepers is newsworthy!!!!

    But, I guess, it is about 50% of our deployable sea power!
  4. I think at the moment it is a lot of huff and bluff in the papers with the expectation that Iran will take note.

    A minesweeper or two does not an invading army make. 20,000 extra US troops doesn't make one either.

    Some jets with TLAMS, MOB's etc., does make an interesting declaration of intent as far as their nuclear program goes however.
  5. Would this be the 2 MCMV's whose deployment was announced months ago? Yet another non story from the Times.