Allies feel strain of Afghan war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Allies feel strain of Afghan war

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. plan to send an additional 3,200 Marines to troubled southern Afghanistan this spring reflects the Pentagon's belief that if it can't bully its recalcitrant NATO allies into sending more troops to the Afghan front, perhaps it can shame them into doing so, U.S. officials said.

    But the immediate reaction to the proposed deployment from NATO partners fighting alongside U.S. forces was that it was about time the United States stepped up its own effort.

    After more than six years of coalition warfare in Afghanistan, NATO is a bundle of frayed nerves and tension over nearly every aspect of the conflict, including troop levels and missions, reconstruction, anti-narcotics efforts, and even counterinsurgency strategy
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  3. They can't really think they can shame the French or Belgians or Spanish or Greeks or Portugese into sending troops, can they? Really? :scratch:
  4. Not saying they shouldnt do more, but France and Spain have both already paid a butcher's bill for ops in Afg. It hardly encourages such countries to do more if we pretend they havent already lost guys.
  5. Roger :oops:
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    Almost 1,900 French troops are committed to operations related to the Afghan theatre, either in Afghanistan, or from Tajikistan, Kirghizstan and the Indian Ocean. 1,500 French military are deployed within NATO’s ISAF and 400 participate in operation Enduring Freedom.

    A significant effort was made to train the Afghan national army with 280 instructors entrusted with the training of Afghan officers, coming from the Special Forces or incorporated within Afghan units.

    The Regional Command Capital Kabul

    The RC-C includes three task forces (French, Turkish, and Italian). The Italian battalion is entrusted with the zone’s Western area, the Turkish with the Southern area and the French with the Northern area.

    Within the framework of the extension of ISAF, France took over responsibility for the Kabul region (Centre region, RCC) for 8 months on 6 August 2006, before handing it over to Turkey on 6 April 2007 and then Italy on 6 December 2007. Italien General Bonato took over from Turkish General Kassim Erdem, who had himself taken over command of the RCC from French General Pierre de Villiers.

    The RCC Kabul (Pamir / ISAF) French battalion

    The French battalion settled in Kabul is currently 540-strong. A combined task force-like group, it mainly includes units from the 27th mountain infantry brigade:

    - a tactical staff provided by the 27th mountain infantry brigade from Vars,

    - a close recce and investigation squadron from the 4th armoured regiment (Gap)

    - a logistics and command unit from the 13th mountain infantry battalion (Chambéry)

    - an infantry company from the 13th mountain infantry battalion

    - a detachment from the 2nd foreign engineers regiment (Saint-Christol).

    The French battalion’s mission is area control, mostly, in the city’s Northern neighbourhoods, in the plain of Shamali and Deh Sabz.

    sshhhh.....don't tell the Cousins....shame to spoil their illusions.
  7. Canadian involvement in combat operations is supposed to stop in February 2009.
  8. From personal experience I can vouch that the French military are deployed in many more places than people think. Their involvement in former african colonies is the probably the best known, and they certainly haven't lost their willingness to 'break some eggs' to get things done. On top of that, there is another thread on ARRSE at the moment discussing the likely construction of a French base in the UAE. I would certainly rather have the French military deployed alongside me than other European armies.

    As for the US sending extra Marines to Afghan? Well if you ignore the implication that nobody else is up to the job, then it's nice to have that many troops spare. Unlike us.
  9. Is this the same US Marines that are going to be OPCON the Brits, arriving out sometime in 08? Only going out for 7 months (as opposed to 12 - 15 months)so they do the same amount of time as the troops they are operating beside?

    They're going to Helmand I think. Should be an interesting exchange and an opportunity for the American press to see the superior skills of their forces in sharp relief to those rubbish British ones eh?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Funny how septic forces gain a healthy respect for the British when they fight alongside, but it's never the other way, albeit we do admire the fact that they've got lots of kit, like helicopters, fighters, bombers etc.
  11. 7 months is the normal tour length for the USMC and I think it has been since ops began in Afghanistan, it's certainly the length all of their Iraq tours have been. It is only the Army that are doing 12-15 months.
  12. I stand corrected! :)
  13. Maybe not superior skills, but superior support and equipment could certainly be a factor. Having enough helicopters to be able to move large numbers of ground troops about plus that much CAS and bombers on tap would certainly help them keep their sector quiet. I mean just think about it who would you rather go after, the guys with bugger all equipment and support or the ones that can call down A-10 Warthogs or fucking AC-130 AC-130 Spectre/Spookies. They might be religious nutjobs but the Taliban aren't completely stupid.
  14. Task Force Corsair (mainly 2nd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division) have been based out of KAF since last January and are still serving the remainder of their 15 month deployment, providing AH-64, UH-60, HH-60 and CH-47 RW support across RC South.

    Well ready for a few beers, methinks.....
  15. The more you use, the less you lose.