Alley?..either way Green Berets from back in the' nam

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Nato Standard123, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Alley? Nah, mate, that the nam.
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Do the Green Berets run between buildings?
  3. Why "the' ", I can understand "back in t'nam..."
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  4. The Septics went to Vietnam expecting it to be like a Hollywood filum. Then they comrehensively got their arrses handed to them, quietly withdrew and declared it a win. That's the way to win a war, innit?

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  5. Hey, go to page 50 of that thread, check out the SASR guys and their weapons, it's the 'Old'n'Bold's wet dream!
  6. We didn't claim the Army we served in murdered our family though, thats for real assholes like, yourself. And it's Comprehensively you bogshite

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  7. Good link and quality pictures, I wonder if any of the resident yanks (JJH) might discuss whether the opinion of US soldiering in Vietnam has improved since Iraq/Afghan? Has the level of respect from the general public increased Or was it ever thus?
  8. I can see we have a new military analyst/ historian on the forum. I can just tell you will be providing us with some scintillating historical accounts and enlightened viewpoints during your time on here.

    We will all be better off thanks to your well crafted responses and quips.

    I like you.
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  9. Next he will regale us with how the Oirish are war winners (except in Oirland for some reason) something like Irish-French relations (so drunk they cant run from Panzers)

  10. The anticipation is killing me...
  11. Since these are the SF troops, I'm going to guess that the standard of soldiering was pretty damned high in 'nam, from these chaps.
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  12. U.S acknowledges K.I.A approx 58 000, NVA/VC KIA is put at 1,100 000 by Hanoi. Comprehensively? I don't ******* think so.
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  13. So along comes this Septic called "Goldbricker" and offers her or his opinion. So what? Who's interested?
  14. By all accounts the US wooped ass in Vietnam, the war wasn't "lost" as such, it just became unpopular. The main reason modern historians attribute to US withdrawal was the development of modern media, and the US military lack of understanding of war fighting under such scrutiny.
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