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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MSI64, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Have come out in a rash over the weekend, on ankles one arm (left) and chest. Doctor this morning tells me Im allergic to something! Brilliant Diagnosis Doc.
    Given antihystemines.

    Two questions
    How long before the tablets work and secondly can I ask for an allergy test to find out what Im allergic too????
  2. some health shops do free allergy testing if the doc won't!
  3. It sounds like you're allergic to weekends and having any time off. You'd best volunteer for every guard shift and weekend duty going. And as for leave, forget it ... it could kill you.
  4. what was you wearing friday? could be any number of reasons was you laying on the grass, new aftershave? try to think what you did diffrently or something friday,saturday etc.

  5. He says its probably shellfish but havent eaten shellfish for nearly a week
    Nothing new in my life at all been wracking my brains and cant see anything different
  6. They'd normally kick in over a couple of hours,depending on the severity of the rash. I'm not sure about the testing as it doesn't sound as if its causing breathing problems or severe anaphalactic type symptoms, so they may not do it on theNHS.
  7. He says its probably shellfish but havent eaten shellfish for nearly a week
    Nothing new in my life at all been wracking my brains and cant see anything different
    And he also mentioned you can Suddenly become allergic to something even if you have eaten it all your life????
  8. I had something that came on all of a sudden called urticaria which was a rash with a tiny raised bump in the middle that would come up almost anywhere at any time and itch like hell, it was horrible! Was told there were no known allergens for me and that i could have it for life by a dermatologist. Was given allergy tablets and took them for three years, the urticaria went as miraculously as it had appeared. Some skin conditions just flare up and go all of a sudden like mine did, stress can sometimes be something that causes it.

    For an allergy test i'd leave it for a while and see if it was just a freakish occurance first. If not then just ask your doc to refer you to a dermatologist and they'll do the test for you.

    P.S. Try and get the non-drowsy allergy tablets, make sure the ones you have are those ones otherwise it may affect your work if you drive or operate machinery. For insurance reasons etc.

  9. On ankles one arm (left) and chest??? :)
  10. could have been diving on some new thing...on refelction this reminds me of....If girls are made of sugar and come they taste of anchovies? Theres your might not be shellfish...but the other kind of fish.

    Aye thank yew.
  11. You can't think of anything that you've done differently - he's not fucking psychic
  12. Sounds like syphilis, soak your penis in turpentine it will make you forget about the itching
  13. Didnt mean to sound like a T**t ,its just that Im driving myself mad itching the skin off myself