Allergy defferel??

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Guys passed selection on 14th Nov scoring an A with a 128.5, although I passed I required further info on a penicillin allergy. Went to GP and my allergy was never really documented as a child. As far as I am aware it's only a rash!! Anyway..... My file was faxed to England for the chief medical officer to get a look at, this was done last wed 3.12.14 when I contacted my CSM she informed me that it has now been sent for a professional opinion!! Does anyone know why this would happen? Surely a simple penicillin allergy wouldn't need an expert opinion. Issue is I'm tight for time now for January alpha consolidated course. What are the next steps here? I was told that depending on the expert opinion score 1-7 (apparently) 7 means I could never get deployed!! WTF.... Pointless joining if there's no chance of deployment. How long will this take now? Have any of you guys been through similar???

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