Allergic Rhinitis

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Krieg-Hammer, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Ok a little bit of history. In my 20s, lived a full life of fitness, sport and marathon running so PFTs were never an issue. Near the end of 2008, I noticed I had a blocked nose for like a month, then a month turned into 2 months then all of a sudden any sort of fitness was labouress as I couldnt get enough O2 to run properly. Anyway, my next move is immunology treatment to see if that helps as Ive tried every nasal drop and antihistamine out there. I am looking to get deployed to Herrick but if my sinuses are still flaring up I reckon I have no hope in hell. You never know, maybe an environment with better weather will help. I have come to the conclusion it is the place I am living in at the moment that is causing the aggravation (started a year after moving in). Did an 8 mile CFT and got through that ok and felt good at the end but just the stuffy nose is still really frustrating. Anyone else have any allergies as such? This isnt a life threatening condition, just very uncomfortable feeling like I have a constant cold. The only thing that gives me relief and lets me be normal again is cortisteroid tablets prescribed by my GP. I dont know what the Forces view on that is either.

  2. You tried Avamys?
  3. I had a similar episode in my early twenties. Out in the middle of OTA on a gun-position in a field of wild flowers, bouncing around doing safety when suddenly I could hardly breath and my snout flowed like the Tyne! The medic stuck me in his forced-air Land Rover ambulance until I cleared up and I was diagnosed with hay-fever. I took some OTS homeopathic remedy for rhinitis and it seemed fine. I then broke my nose in the following autumn playing rugby - an annual event from then onwards! Miraculously I never suffered again...or not anywhere even close to as severely.

    I am not recommending a swift punch up the bracket and merely empathizing!
  4. Actually no, but it seems to have the same ingredients to Flixonase nasal spray and vial drops. Both of which dont do anything. However, once I am finished my course of oral steroids (2 weeks), I'll buy that stuff and see what happens. Everything in my house has been dust mite proofed, but still the condition persists. Unless they have mis-diagnosed the allergen, maybe mould spores or so. I do have to dry my clothes indoors after all, otherwise the pikeys outside will steal them.
  5. You need an allergy test with ENT clinic. The same thing happened to me when I moved house and found out after leaving there I am very allergic to the silver birch tree( there were several that stood a few feet away from my windows). It is a very common allergy apparently because of the amount of pollen they have on them. I'd check on the internet the most common things you're likely to be allergic too and you may come up with the answer, as I did.
  6. Funnily enough, I do play rugby but pretty limited due to the blocked snoz! Did get it burst open in one match but thankfully nothing broken.
  7. I started using Nasacort nasal spray and it relieved my symptoms pretty effectively. My allergy was extremely severe and also developed nasal poylps which made the nasal discharge even worse. I hope you get it resolved anyway :)
  8. Actually, I google imaged Avamys so I could see what the bottle looked like. Yes I tried this and it didnt work for me at all. I have met an ENT consultant who confirmed after blood tests, house dust mite allergy (pretty much screwed here then!). The reason I eventually got oral steroids was because I have developed an aggressive form of rhinitis. The mucus membrane gets so badly inflammed that I cant even force air out my nose at times. There have been times I have blown so hard, that it makes me feel dizzy as I give birth to something that is squeezed out there (to disgusting to describe). PS Had two polypectomy operations. Helped a little but not that much. If youve experienced the same then, you know the nasal discharge is absolutely horrible! Something out of Aliens!
  9. Kenalog injections?
  10. No but it seems over the top and is just achieving the same goal as Oral Steroids. Short term, but no actual long term solution. Immunology is what I am hoping for, but GP informed me that people with life threatening conditions get it. Still wanting to find out what the armed forces view may be on this? Could it result in medical discharge?
  11. Some people swear by the Kenalog injections.