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allright folks
i have posted this in the charities and welfare forum as well but i want the naafi elite to see this as well in case its missed, i am doing the ALLENDALE CHALLENGE a 25 miler in northumberland for H4H on the 4th april 2009 , i hope to raise £500 or more and i am begging for your support and sponsorship you can donate at this address if you can spare a few quid

cheers one and all :D :D :D




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Interesting, and I may well bung in a few quid. But first...

Have you ever been to Allendale?

Have you heard the... er... rumours? Legends about the place? The Witches? The Last Blacksmith? The Vanishings?

And your 25 mile run? From Allendale to where? East or west, its all a downhill doddle. Unless of course, you intend to head south. Down through Ninebanks way, passing over Rookhope and heading down to Stanhope? I'd give Killhope Mine a miss if I was you. Specially if the mist is rolling in off of the moor. Wear a silver cross. It wont help, but it may be a comfort to you.

Bet you're going North, eh? Downhill to Haltwhistle and a Real Ale hostelry? Bah. Witches and Wraiths aint nothing to be 'fraid of young man.

Go South. Go South. Go to the Light.


Greetings ironduke,
i am most impressed my friend of your local knowledge of the moors young master and of the strange noises and dissapearances that occur around these here parts 8O .

This is my second time at the challenge i did it last year but i wanted to raise cash this time so hence my appeal and again my wanderings into the badlands and seeing if they speaka da lingo , thing is duke i used to live in Allenheads as a young un and thats even past Allendale-"tis a bad omen moy lord i tell ee" so i have all the secret handshakes and tribal cullings committed to memory as well, so please if you can spare a few quid and encourage our fellow Arrsers to help me out with sponsorship :D "God bless ee young master",next year is the cheviot challenge 24 miles of sillyness :wink:

cheers duke

for your delictation and perusal

bustersboy :worship:

cost of entry goes to good cause..mountain rescue!!

funds raised by sponsorship goes to a fantastic cause..H4H!!

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