Allegedly Israel is working with Islamists to hurt Hezbolah


A senior Lebanese defense source said Friday that militants allied with Al-Qaida are working in collaboration with Israel against Hezbollah, A-Sharq al-Awsat reported on Friday.

According to the official, the Lebanon-based Al-Fatah al-Islam fired a Katyusha rocket at northern Israel last month precisely so that the finger of responsibility could be pointed at Hezbollah.

This is not the first claim from within Lebanon regarding collaboration. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman last month suggested that Israel had arranged for collaborators in his country to fire Katyusha rockets at the Galilee earlier this week, in a bid to keep tensions high in the area.
Maybe, maybe not. By now, I'd believe almost any ultimately self-defeating harebrained scheme of Israel.

Israel did it with Hamas to sideline Arafat. Well that worked out for them... :roll:

(waits for para_medic to jump in screaming)

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