Alleged terrorist training camp organiser: extradition to US

As much as I think the extradition arrangements between the UK and US are irritatingly one-sided, I hope this doesn't get overturned on appeal.

Quote from BBC news web site:

Briton facing extradition to US

A British terror suspect can be extradited to the US, a judge at Bow Street Magistrates court has ruled.

US authorities say Haroon Rashid Aswat, 31, tried to set up a camp in Oregon between 1999 and 2000 to train people to fight in Afghanistan.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has up to two months to approve the extradition of Mr Aswat, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

Mr Aswat, who denies the charges, was deported from Zambia in August after he was arrested and held in Lusaka jail.

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Why don't we just chuck him on a "Special Rendition" Flight and save ourselves the legal aid? It always amazes me how "British" these terror suspects suddenly become when they get caught....

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