Alleged SAS War Crimes Report

Experience tells me that for every crime that is known about and attributed, numerous others go under the radar.

Sadly I suspect numerous war crimes have been committed in Iraq and Afghan by US/UK and other allied forces, that will never be known. As the years go by, and people think that they are safe, more will leak out.
You're missing the wood for the trees. The who and why of the balance of political power in any given country, which is very often specific, isn't the same as the underlying factors that nudge people towards a particular set of views, which are very often universal.
I disagree. The politics and views of Australian rural communities are very much shaped by the fact that they have a strong, active political representation at all levels of government. One that is in effect constitutionally enshrined and that has near primacy over rural political discourse and media.

I cannot think of a single other developed country that’s rural population is represented in the way that the Australian one is.