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Alleged SAS War Crimes Report


Why do you think that's any of your business? I've told you I did a tour there and that should suffice. I really couldn't give a toss if some internet person believes me of not and I'm certainly not going to start posting photo's/proof etc..... You can either accept what I say as true or not - that's up to you. But to get back on topic:

Do I think any Taliban that got killed in Afghanistan deserved it? Yes I do!
Do I think anyone was murdered? No I don't.
Do I think journo's have a biased agenda? Yes I do.
Do I think people make up claims to get money? Yes I do.
Do I think compo claiming lawyers are scummy and just want money - Yes of course the scummy leaches do!

No matter what the MSM write from now on, they are not to be trusted, also these political witch hunts/internet trials are not based on any hard evidence - just hearsay and rumours most of the time.

FACTS - has anyone at all been convicted of murder in this report - NO they haven't.

This thread is just basically waffle, with a few armchair lawyers spoffing out their biased opinions, that's all. Do I take it seriously - NOPE, and I doubt anyone will be charged with any murders - you know that's the likely outcome and so do I.
Let us know when you read the report - until then, I don't think anyone gives a shit what you think.
He did a shoey.
Daniel Ricciardo was shooting prisoners?

Seriously though, the SOCOMD SM was sprung having done the wrong thing and did (or is doing) the right thing.

E2A: belatedly I realised that I had got right and wrong mixed up. Not on my own there, then.
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The video of the Australian SAS killing the farmer in Afghanistan is quite clearly an execution and nothing but a war crime. I understand that war has an unimaginable mental impact but if a Special Forces Soldier cannot keep their focus and have sound decision making then I have no idea how they can be fit for SF...

Do you know the Context of the incidence? me neither
Watched this earlier on Al Jazeera and I am posting it here as I thought some of you might be interested:

I wasn't there so I will not comment on the video however I do have a question: does anyone know what type of assault vest 'Quake' is wearing? (Asking for a hyperactive Labrador :shock:)

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