Alleged Russophobia in the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 8, 2007.

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  2. Sounds like he is playing on our liberal do gooder attitude and creating a new buzzword to cause mischief.

    He's done is homework and knows that somepeople in the UK would rather chop off their manhood than appear racist/homophobic/ageist whatever-ist/phobic.

    It's called playing the victim, and sadly their are idiots out their who will lap this shite up and soon it will become taboo to critisise russian pollicy.
  3. Eww you guys are being bought out by the Russians...I think good old Winston would be turning in his grave.
  4. £2.2bn in the grand scheme of the UK property market is 3/5ths of fcuk all, pal. they probably owned more at the height of the cold war.
  5. Think you could be right there Mark1234.

    Russia might equally like to consider it's own xenophobic attitudes. More than once in Moscow I saw blokes beaten up by skinheads simply for looking Central Asian. Not unheard of in Britain, I admit, but proof that Russia can't exactly take a holier-than-thou over this kind of thing.

    Oh screw it, what's the fcuking point? Just play the victim like every other nation and group on earth.
  6. Never met a Russian I could talk to.
  7. Pot calling kettle 'over'

    Think you might want too consider the same about the house of saud :roll:
  8. Sounds about right from what I've heard. Just substitute "Englishmen" for "Russians" above.
  9. I have always had a lot of respect for the Russian people in general and have no problem with them..while they stay in Russia. When they come to live in England and take my jobs and fill my town with Russian voices speaking loudly in Russian and fail to attempt to integrate or communicate with me in English, my fondness of them turns to resentment and dislike and anger...unexpressed for now.
    I don't want Russians to move to England en masse.
    That apparently makes me a racist.
    As for Russia accusing our police of being heavy handed...don't make me laugh. Take a look at yourself first Mother Russia!
  10. Sounds to me like the old stakes are being upped. I think this has more to do with poisoning someone with radioactive material, and not wanting to release the suspect(s).... than it does the odd Russian being mugged.

  11. It seems to me that we in the UK are harbouring fugitives from Russian law. The Chechen trrorist should be sent packing. We even give a fugitive crook TV air time on Question Time and Hard Talk.
  12. If you mean Zakayev he is an "alleged" terrorist - unless he has been tried in a court of law?
  13. well halo, one day the mid east will run out of oil and when that day comes we won't be bussiness partners anymore.
  14. They have been up to their old tricks for awhile now , they've seen how soft we have been with others who cry victim and they're trying to get in on the act.

    And it will probably work, we really have become a pathetic country.

    This is just stage one of setting yourself up as a victim, inventing the appropriate buzzword.