Alleged police concerns about terror plot leaks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Guardian Sat 3 Feb - "'Police fear lurid terror briefings being used to divert attention from Whitehall problems"

  2. I have for the last year said that anyone who leaks information to the press should be arrested and charged. A significant number of posters disagreed with me.

    Are those posters now going to change their mind?
  3. Sven, I totally agree. There are a lot of worried servicemen & women from ethinic minorities out there. Unfortunately the media speculation has blown the entire operation out of proportion. They even tried to claim that they knew the identity of the soldier being targetted. Thankfully they don't, as the soldiers and their families would have half the press corp camped on their front gardens. The press were responsible for Cpl Byles being targetted by an islamic extremist. If they publish the identities of the present targets, they will expose them to even more danger. Freedom of the Press be damned, you put my life or the lives of my fellow servicemen in mortal peril you deserve to do time.
  4. Disgusting and desperate acts.
  5. Source: Daily Mail

    Why am I not surprised.
  6. Unfortunately I do not only mean just for servicemen. I am talking about any leak of classified or sensitive documents - if they are covered by OSA then the full weight of the law should be thrown agaist the individual concerned, if the information is confidential and contravenes the persons contract of employment then the leaker should lose their job. Even if it doesn't contravene a contract then severe repercussions should ensue
  7. Does this include members of the Labour Government?