Alleged Murdering B**tards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. That is just plain deviant :evil:

    Im just glad that the poor little boys borhter and sister now have a loving and caring home.

    :cry: :cry: :cry:

    agent smith
  2. Just shows you how sick some people are. :?

    *Also another reason not to eat at McDonalds.
  3. Not funny Twat!!

    Sodium Chloride poisoning is extremely painful; that poor little soul was 3 years old and trusted that he would be loved and looked after, instead he was hit and then poisoned either of which caused his death by people who rejected him because he did not meet their expectations.

    Good job the Army entrance standards have been lowered then, finally your employed. :evil:
  4. All they got is 5 years? 8O :? :roll:
  5. yeah, ain't we just a nice place to live :roll:

    Got room there in Corporal land for a Dui-Lai :?
  6. Seems to me 15+ years would be a little more appropriate.
  7. 5 years.

    In 5 years time he should've been learning to ride his bike without stabilisers, reading stories on his own, learning how to get the kite to stay up in the air, star gazing in awe, turning from a little boy into a little man....

    How f*cked up is a 5 year sentence for these evil bastards and the death they gave this baby?

    Justice? My arrse!

    Sweet dreams baby boy, no-one gets to hurt you and Angels get to kiss you, every tear drop away.

    Beebs x
  8. 5 years for infanticide? Out in three , think of the interest they've earned.

    Was the widow involved? 8O

    5 years for a couple that earn just south of half a million , banged up for a 15 stretch for everyone else :evil:
  9. After reading that article, I sit here numb, in disbelief of their sentence.

    In US prisons, child abusers are considered the lowest scum on earth. If this guy went to prison here, the inmates would be lining up to get at him. Please tell me it is the same in the UK.
  10. Thing is they blagged it as ManSlaughter claiming is was a punishment and didn't thnk it would kill him

    What isn't mentioned is this is quite a common method for infantcide, my wife is a childrens nurse and she is involved in another case like this where a family overdid the salt on a year old baby but what makes it worse is they are claiming that it was a nurse that killed him because another child died from similar circumstances in one of the hospitials he visited.

    This is a real scum family who child needed a lot of care but hardly ever visited him, he was on the ward for most of his all too short life, but at ;east this case ia trailled as murder so the sentance should be significantly increased.
  11. From the tone of the article, it sounded like they didn't really want a kid but liked the idea of having one. How is it possible to be so completely clueless as to not know that feeding the poor child that much salt would be harmful? We're talking about two (supposedly) intelligent professional people here who should know better. 5 years each is not justice.
  12. Jeffrey Archer got 4 years for perjury and perverting the course of justice, yet they get 5 years for manslaughter.

    Archer was in Belmarsh, i bet they get so 'cushy' category c prison too.

    Justice? Hmmm. Manslaughter or perjury, hmmm.
  13. When he was 7 my son was held down by his now step father and washingup liquid was poured in his mouth.

    The bloke is a 6ft 4, 17 stone, shaven headed pit bull employed as a security porter.

    My sons' crime?
    To rant at his mum cos he didn't understand why daddy had been replaced.
    She punished him by sending him to bed.-Fair do's

    The pit bull came home from work and decided "extras" were required

    I went to the police, they referred it to social services.
    Was the guy done?- like hell he was!.
    My ex got talked to by social services but the bloke didn't.

    Open up that pit I want to shove a few in!!
  14. A particularly lenient sentence for an appalling crime.

    The Social Services appear to be rejoicing because the learned judge didn't criticise the adoption process. How do these people sleep at night?
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