Alleged Drug Smuggler Ex-1 Cheshires Locked Up in Venezuela

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Sky news linky

    A British couple suspected of trying to smuggle 24kg of cocaine are being held in one of the toughest prisons in South America.


    Paul Keith Makin and his wife Laura, who are both from Merseyside, have been locked up in San Antonio military jail on the Caribbean holiday island of Margarita.

    They are bedding down with 1,300 other inmates, nearly nine out of 10 of whom have been jailed for drugs related offences. The couple's four children, a seven and an eight-year-old and twins aged just two, are being looked after in a house on the island. A local woman, who was on the estate where they are being looked after, told Sky News the children were in good spirits and were playing in the large garden. A British woman was also there, but refused to speak to our reporter because of the legal implications.

    Back in the UK, the family's lawyer, John Wheate, said the main priority was to ensure the children were repatriated as soon as possible. "Most people would understand that the family are very distressed at this point of time," he said. "Not just for Paul and his partner, but very distressed that the children are with strangers in a foreign country and are very anxious to have them all home." On the beach in Venezuela, tourists were shocked at what the couple are alleged to have done. "Everybody knows, particularly in countries like this one, what happens if you get caught with drugs," said Liz Smith. The couple have still not been charged. They were seized at an airport on Margarita. One newspaper claims drugs officers were tipped off about the Makins before they arrived at departures. Consular officials from the British embassy are on the island, as the pair await the outcome of the police investigation.
  2. Love how the reporters picks a photo of him in uniform :roll:

    What relevance does him being ex Army have on the story?
  3. I'm just surprised some w@nker from Merseyside managed to get enough benefits together to get to Venzuela.

    He must of been "sponsored" for his visit.

    All scousers are thieves and drug addicts and should be strangled at birth.

    No doubt there'll be a benefit concert for him, and the great and good of merseyside will be out in force demanding the return or "ar la"

    I did a Belize tour with the Cheshires and they were all robbing c-unts so I suppose that would be the relevance of pointing it out.
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  4. Another one gone from the City of Pity - many more to go.

    Hope the 4 kids don't rob the house they are staying in bare.
  5. I concur shortfuse...did an FI tour with them...what a bunch of tossers

    Lock em up and throw the key away I say :D
  6. This subject was covered on one of the breakfast shows this morning and allegedly,he is on the run from the British justice system as well.

    If this is true,it makes one wonder how he was able to leave the country,as airline minifests are supposedly now monitered.
  7. Well done for map reading lads. He's actually not from Liverpool but somehow you managed to relocate the Wirral right across the Mersey.

    Guess what this robbing scouse git has just done? Found a fully loaded purse by the trolleys in our local supermarket. Happy days, drugs and ale galore. Well would have been if I didn't hand it in!

    Check your home office statistics before stereotyping everyone. In most crimes, we don't even get in the top ten but why spoil a good myth eh? Cnuts.

    P.S. I know this family and yes they are a bad lot.
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  8. No allegedly about it, he's on a warrant after skipping a court appearance for affray and being in possession of an offensive weapon.

    (If he's found guilty of this charge)you've got to be a bit dim if you think you're going to get 24kg of cocaine through customs in three suitcases haven't you?
  9. I know, but it's Friday afternoon and stereotypes are kind of funny.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Your just bitter because you don't have enough hair left for a decent perm and your favourite shell suit is showing signs of wear.
    Go and have a fight - you'll feel better afterwards.
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  11. I hope he cross-loaded across all three suitcases, eight kilos in each to guard against the airline losing one, or did he learn nothing from years of being fucked about by RAF Air Movements staff? :oops:
  12. Cheshire is not scouse but it is unfortunatley full of plastic scouser's who so desperatley want to be
  13. I wonder what's the life expectancy of the average Gringo in a Venezuelan nick?

    Bad food, overcrowding, disease, vermin, sharp objects, blunt objects, bad drugs, bad alcohol, debts, deviant sex, forced deviant sex, forced deviant sex with multiple participants, brutal corrupt guards.

    As a scouser and ex CR no doubt he'll feel right at home.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Also a star of Jeremy Kyle

    This is the first picture of British couple Paul and Laura Makin who have been arrested in Venezuela for allegedly trying to smuggle three suitcases full of cocaine to Britain.

    The TV still is from an episode of daytime talk show The Jeremy Kyle Show, titled 'Husband, how can our family survive your extreme anger?'. The episode was broadcast in October 2006.


    Legal efforts are getting under way today to bring home their four children who are stranded in Venezuela.
    The pair were arrested on Isla Margarita, a holiday island off the north coast of Venezuela
    Their two-year-old twins, Libby and Lucy, were taken into care after the arrest along with Mrs Makin's children from a previous relationship Jack, eight, and Megan, seven.
    The father of Jack and Megan is expected to fly out to Venezuela in the next few days and bring all four children home.
    The Foreign Office confirmed that some family members have now arrived on the island and seen the children.
    A spokeswoman said: 'Family members are now in attendance and the consulate is liaising between the Venezuelan authorities and social services in the UK.'
    A spokesman for Social Services in Wirral, where the Makins live, said: 'We are working hard to ensure all necessary support is being provided to the family.'
    The Makins' solicitor, John Wheate, also said he was working to ensure the children's repatriation.
    Bus driver Paul Makin a former Cheshire Regiment soldier, was already wanted by UK police after failing to attend court.
    Makin, from Birkenhead, was due to stand trial at Liverpool Crown Court on February 9 charged with affray and possessing a machete but never showed up.
    Relatives have spoken of their shock at the news of the arrests, made as the family returned from a First Choice package holiday.
    Paul Makin's grandmother, Margaret Makin, a widow, said she was under the impression the couple were getting divorced.
    Speaking from her home in Moreton, Wirral, she said she knew her grandson was going on holiday but could not believe he was arrested for allegedly carrying the Class A drug.
    It is understood the couple will appear in court in the next 30 days.
  15. At least he's in a militray prison. Be like a home from home for the scouse c*nt.