Allegations of Britains own Guantanamo bay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Just a civvy, May 29, 2013.

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    It's Gonna be an interesting start to DC's holiday and as always Some lawyers are gonna be making big bucks off the back of this one...

    Edit to add.
    I presume decisions about detention are made high up the political food chain thus taking some of the responsibility from the soldiers enforcing it , if any wrong doing is proven?
  2. Can we arrange Phil shiner a visit to allow him to talk to his clients and try the facilities.
    For a long time, just so he can get the full picture.
    It does seem he is a parasite of the worst kind.

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  3. So would you if you were clever enough. But you aren't.
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  4. Phil Shiner...that'll be the solicitor who represented the Ghurkas and Rose Gentle? Some of you mouth breathers need to do some research on the subject instead of bumping your overused gums on here, you thick, frothing at the mouth *****.
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  5. As Philip Harmony has banned handing prisoners over to the Afghans what is meant to happen to prisoners who have been caught with bomb making equipment or trying to kill us. If they are released they will carry on as before.

    No doubt someone will say give them a UK passport and asylum as they have been in UK care for so long they have a right to family life and he has a pet spider etc etc

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  6. Thank you BBC, it's not like our radicalised Islam-fuelled extremist population were after any further excuses to kidnap/behead/blow up/shoot/mutilate squaddies on their way out of camp for whatever reason.

    They really do pick their moments, don't they?
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  7. It this the official Wednesday morning outrage thread?
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  8. ...and what relevance do this have to this particular issue?
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  9. Nope . He still doesn't fill me with his rosy glow of righteousness.
  10. I don't see how the British justice system can get involved. Bastion is still Afghan territory so Afghan law will preside. As fas as I know (and I stand to be corrected) we simply lease it or something similar.

    Worst case scenario is if a legal ruck starts we hand them back to the Afghans who off them anyway.....

    Jobs a good un............
  11. Are these the same "people" who want Sharia law?

    I for one and hoping that if they were caught laying a IED they are being beasted.
  12. Biscuits, the bloke still tries to stab us in the back more times than he helps us.
    He goes against the Government and doesn't care if we tend to get caught up in all the grief he causes.

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  13. A quick google (in-depth stuff don't y' know!) reveals Rose Gentle to be rather a pacifist and the words "phil shiner " and "Gurkha" don't seem to appear together. Have you got anything we can look at on the electric interweb?
  14. A spokesman said: "Detention operations are an important part of our force protection measures protecting British troops, our allies and partners, and the Afghan civilian population.
    "They directly contribute to the success of the Nato Isaf mission in Afghanistan and ultimately to UK national security. The threat of UK court action is currently preventing us from transferring detainees to the Afghan authorities."

    I suspect thats what its all about then - as mentioned in earlier posts they won't be expecting a warm welcome if they are handed over to the ANA