Alle Berets

I never knew the Frogs took 12 year old recruits.


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Is the plain clothes WRAC Provost providing CP?
Chasseurs alpins?

The berets come in white, too
From your link... ...the regimental (battalion) marches have interesting titles. (Excuse Google Translate):

1st battalion "If a seventh line balls in the ass, this is the qu'le Prime Hunters fucking him! '
2nd Battalion "The Commander has toothache, my children! "(Aa)
3rd Battalion "V'la the third v'la the third, who turns up at a gallop, V'la the third v'la the third, who turns up backpack! '
4th Battalion "Fourth Battalion Commander Clinchant, Always Forward! '
5th Battalion "Fifth Battalion gallop, Ordered by Certain Canrobert, forward! '
6th Battalion "The sixth is, it is a little one! '
7th Battalion "Battalion Battalion Battalion iron Battalion Battalion Battalion steel."
8th Battalion "You're beautiful run, you do not m'rattraperas! "(Aa)
9th Battalion "Mary, I saw your naked ass, Pig, why are you looking at? '
10th Battalion "Tenth Battalion Commander MacMahon, Do not fear the gun nom nom"
11th Battalion "Eleventh Battalion of Alpine, Eleventh Battalion rabbits"
12th Battalion "Ah Only thing is stupid, Only thing is the con Twelfth Ah Only thing is stupid, Only thing is con c'con there! '
13th Battalion "Without bread, without stew, is the thirteenth n'boit that the water! '
14th Battalion "The skin on my wheels for a cap, skin rollers for my shako! '
15th Battalion "I smoke it out a pipe, but I'm not smoking! '
16th Battalion "Sixteenth Battalion of Light Infantry, Sixteenth Battalion Steel! '
17th Battalion "Cré's sake, we are on track, Cré's sake, we are good! '
18th Battalion "Another grunt of threaded, break, Another grunt to put on! '
19th Battalion "Asshole, asshole full of dirty hair, asshole, hairy asshole! '
20th Battalion "Twentieth Battalion Commander Cambriels, Les Chasseurs have wings! '
21st Battalion "Do you want the miles? In here! '
22nd Battalion "Another grunt of fell into the shit, Another grunt of shit! '
23rd Battalion "V'la the twenty-third, the name of God, it will be trouble! '
24th Battalion "Throughout the wood, I fucked Jeannette Throughout the wooden dipstick fucked three times! '
25th Battalion "No more con another name name, but still the same! "(Or content)
26th Battalion "You shit me and you m'fais shit, you m'dis this is a joke! '
27th Battalion "If you have balls, it will show! '
28th Battalion "Saut'Putten, you'll have a sausage, Saut'Putten, you get the pudding! '
29th Battalion "This is the twenty-ninth, which has no bread, Who starving, who still works! '
30th Battalion "He was a little man, all dressed in blue, dammit! "(Or damn)
31st Battalion "Thirty-first, the last v'nu, Not the worst fucking! '
32nd Battalion "If I had the booze I could drink a drop though, if I had the booze I drink good quarter! '
40th Battalion "Asshole of the Hova Queen"
1st and 19th Battalions sound a bit dodgy.

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Not all that diffrent from that rather strange thing the IDF insist on wearing over their helmets.
There is actually a very interesting story behind this.
King Louis XIV was a very keen amateur cook.He was experimenting in the Royal Pizzeria...........No one dared to laugh and a passing soldier managed to catch the dough on his head.The King thought it rather fetching.The rest is history.

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