Allawi Wins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. From Iraqi Pundit Allawi Wins
    And The Day After
    My bold. This is true. Maliki was never quite Qom's man unlike many around him. Qom swung around to back him rather late on.

    This is a very interesting result. Allawi is a pretty secular Westward looking Shiite with generous friends in Riyahd. He appears to be capable of an accommodation with the Sunni something that was quiet beyond Maliki. The Sadrists also did well, with up to 40 seats nearly equaling the Kurds. His Chubbiness was also running on an essentially Iraqi nationalist ticket. Iran's closest chums the ISCI are a fading force.

    More details from Reidar Visser here.
    I'd put it stronger than that. Chalabi and al-Lami with their de-Baathfication antics may have handed Baghdad to a man closer to Riyahd than Qom, their scheming Persian masters will not be pleased at all.
  2. Maliki only needs to do one thing now to be remembered as one of the greatest Iraqis in history: walk away quietly
  3. Already has a claim to that. Given the very narrow margins I doubt if he'll quit easily, man's a bruiser just like Allawi not Al Gore.

    He already initiated a nice little knight move with the the Supreme court.
    Deserves credit in its way. This is the third most corrupt country in the world and the incumbent is resorting to sly legal trickery rather than ballot stuffing or staging a military coup. I'm tearing up here... it could be New Jersey.
  4. I'm not sure if you intended that as a serious comment (this being the internet where sarcasm doesn't translate well), but if you were serious I wouldn't blame you one bit.
  5. Juan Cole Sadrists Pivotal Party, Vows Liberation of Iraq from Foreigners;
    Tehran attempts to Broker Alliance

    Actually I'd say Qom looks discomfited. They are in damage limitation mode trying to clear up the mess Ahmad "Harami" Chalabi made of rigging the vote with his de-Baathification antics, it's backfired so badly you'd think the slippery old bugger was moonlighting for Riyahd. Maliki is far from Qom's first choice but someone they can work with especially if his political survival is hostage to them.

    Allawi with his chums in Riyahd and old Baathist links is a tougher proposition. He's in a better position to play the regional balance of power in constructing the necessary relationship with Qom who will worry he's a stepping stone towards the Sunni revanche Riyahd desires. He probably can't risk a maximalist approach to Qom's many Iraqi assets, patience and stealth will be needed to dispose of the worst of them, deals will have to be made with most.