All your Crimbo 2006 - NYE 2007 stuff in this thread please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Bored with those dreadful 'jokes' and mottoes in the middle of humdrum, distinctly average and somewhat pedestrian civilian Xmas crackers?

    Then look no further!!

    Simply print this off and slip them into your in-laws crackers this festive season...


    Enjoy team - is this the first Xmas thread? :)
  2. I've had a few PMs asking me to improve the image quality for printing.

    As an ARRSE Moderator, I exist only to serve....



  3. Another mouthfull of lager over the keyboard/screen.
    Thank fcuk it`s still under warrenty.
    Priceless, can`t wait to infiltrate these into a box of M&S luxury crackers.
  4. I love the last one, Loz! :D
  5. Sorry if that I was you I robbed it off. Still makes me chuckle now :)
  6. Stop stop its hurting. I'm laughing way too much at these but Xmas day/parties will be fun
  7. My efforts
  8. Yeah not cracker related, but Xmas related...

  9. Last one - got to go to work...

  10. I once got one that just said, "UP YOURS, SUCKER!!", on the back of the card. Some unhappy factory boy made my day!
  11. [​IMG]

    Great idea lads!!!
  12. I can't stop laughing... This Christmas will be great...
  13. While at work yesterday I got to thinking about my Christmas card list and how w@nk the cards are. Is it time for Arrse to produce it's own?
    If so what would you put on them?

    MDN dressed as Santa skiffing an elf?

    The Arrse Maidens Carol singing dressed in festive frillies and SAS stylee blacked out eyes?

    The Arrse Maidens dressed in festive frillies, SAS stylee blacked out eyes being skiffed by MDN dressed as Santa?

    Any other ideas