All You Want to Know About Jewish Terrorism

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Noir, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Empire Warriors:



    On July 22nd 1946, in British-administered Palestine, Jewish guerillas carried out one of the most spectacular and controversial guerilla attacks of the 20th century. The bombing of the King David hotel, which housed the British administration in a section of the hotel, killed 91 people.

    Former Jewish guerillas who planned and carried out the attack
    tell the inside story of their violent campaign to oust the British and establish a State of Israel.

    Members of the British security forces in Palestine during that time
    describe their encounters with what could be described as the birth of modern, urban guerilla warfare.

    Watch rare footage!

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 1 of 6

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 2 of 6

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 3 of 6

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 4 of 6

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 5 of 6

    The Jewish War (Palestine 1947) 6 of 6

    It's the first British Docu which tells the other side of the story. There will be no more Docus like this since the players of that drama are all passing away. One hauntnig moment, there is that Jewish terrorist commander who tells his reason to kidnap and hanged the two British Intelligence Corps NCOs, Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice, on July 1947. He recalls how his subordinate who was sentenced to death by the British authority wrote to him to ask him to revange his blood for he was urinated and sexually humiliated in British custody. And when he said it to the camera he moved his look .
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    With consummate irony the original terrorists were trained by the British Army, in fact by Orde Wingate as part of his pre-war Jewish Night Squads who were used to take out Arab terrorists. Rex King-Clark's "Free For a Blast" (1988)(available from will tell you MUCH more about it (however this is mainly an autobiography, so there is a lot of non-military material included). R K-C died 2007.
  3. seaweed, there were some former SOE members (and tactics) on the Jewish terrorist groups but you're wrong of your account on Orde Wingate. He trained almost solely Kibbutzniks like Moshe Dayan and Ygal Alon who were aligned with the Labor movement and its arm wing was the Hagana/Palmach. The Stern Gang and Irgun were the arm wing of the oppostion, today's Likud. The Hagana (The Defence) was the base of the IDF, Israel Defence Forces.
  4. surely should be on JewTube?
  5. seaweed's not wrong about the British Army being responsible for training some of the terrorists. Some were formerly in the Middle East Cdos, the Jewish Brigade and No.2 Cdo.

  6. That's truth. But Orde Wingate didn't trained them.