All you old paras out there


I have a copy of the original "The Paras" series aired on TV in the 80's. Which features the famed 480 platoon or commonly known as "Hollywood platoon".

This is a series from day one at Depot para through to P company and onto Brize and passout, in the days when Depot was Depot.

I was wandeirng if anyone know's the best place to upload this, i was going upload it somewhere for everyone to see and share the fun, any ideas ? it is currently on VHS but i will get it encoded shortly.

This series has Cpl Al Slater in it whom i believe sadly went on to serve with 22 and was then killed in a IRA skirmish in NI though i stand to be corrected on the events around his death.

Anyways if anyone knows of the best place for me to put this and if there is any interest in it i would be grateful.



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Thats correct, sadly Cpl Al Slater did get killed in Northern Ireland in the mid 1980s (I think its mentioned in Andy Mcnabs book Immediate Action, but stand to be corrected on that).

I know a bit about the film, my dad is ex para regt and had the documantary on vhs also, when it was aired on BBC in 1983. Ive also met a recruit from the programme.. Dean ward who later went onto become a member of the British bobsleigh team. A good bloke, I think he left the army a sgt last year.

But going back to your enquiry, maybe if you go to Browning Barracks in Aldershot they could help you with that one. The museum is still there but will be moved eventually to a new site.
anyone know Lee Clark the trumpeteer? Did he stay in after getting in the band?

running in dms boots.....ouch! :thumright:

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