All Women Gun Crew Take Shower Together

and they love to shower together - woolly woofters!

All that vigorous movement and they still aren't clean at the end of it!


War Hero
Yes, I concur.   ALL their body hair.  Except their heads. And eybrows.  As that would look horrible.
Cant understand all the fuss. Apparently gub crews were all women before WRAC was disbanded? And my mate told me that the only real Gun Crew were them guys from Pompey and Gus that used to be at the big show what the MOD used to run. You know the one that was good for recruiting and cost a slice of getting some Ad on TV of a guy crawling across a ceiling to get a shag without being caught.


War Hero
Even better Idea would be to have lots of Army girlies posted into AFCOs and ACIOs to dress real pretty in order to attract the younger males, just like in the NAAFI disco.

On second thoughts the Lads in the disco usually have to be to go near most Army girlies, so I don't think that'll work in the cold light of day...
Yes and without sounding racist which  I def am not do you not have to be from an ethnic minority to work at an ACIO these days?
Have you seen the Minorities recruiting team? Their WO is a complete racist! Hates Paki's - he is a Hindu Indian....

Says things a lot of us wouldn't be allowed to get away with.

I wonder if a female EBONY crew would shower together?? yum yum ;D
Who has the bore brush though??  ;D

Also have you noticed that the fire batons for the female accommodation are 4 inches longer than the blokes............  ;)
I look in the mirror and see a fat bastard who fancies women......

Does this make me an anorexic lesbian?

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