all u need to know about the gan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by airbornelondon1, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. What is it, post a crap link day?
  2. Or just mention "the gan" to insinuate you are a bally war hero.

    The fukcing "gan".
  3. Number 1. Don’t ever call it the Gan

    Number 2. Just because it is produced by 'members' of HM Forces doesn’t automatically make it good, funny or interesting

    Number 3. Don’t ever call it the Gan
  4. I thought it was brilliant to be honest.....but ,then,Ive got a sense of humor..... :D
  5. Isn't actually 'Ghan'? As in Afghan[/i]istan?

    Still fcuking chad. Too much watching Black Hawk Down me thinks. (The Mog :roll: )
  6. 'The Ghan'.............right on up there with Stan,Bos, Kos, over the water and dusty place. Terms of endearment happily bandied around by complete fcuking wretches.
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  7. Quite correct, it should always be referred to as "This f*cking sh*t-hole".
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  8. Is Gan near Ghanners?
  9. No doubt if this had been done by Mr Chumley-Warner and Mr Grayson we would have all produced some interesting biological stains... but it wasn't
    Good idea 9/10
    Script and voice over 7/10
    "The Gan" 1/10 stupid boy, must try harder
  10. The voice of cynicism and reason.
  11. "firstly no one calls it Afghanistan here is The Gan or simply Gan, and secondly I wouldn't know about the fighting so don't ask."

    "why not?"

    "Because I'm RAF" :)
  12. What a load of crap.