All toilets should have one of these

Female clubbers complain about two-way mirror in ladies

The feature at The Shimmy Club apparently allows women to be watched while they are using a row of sinks.

The mirror, similar to those used by police when interviewing suspects, is between the lavatory and a function room rented to private parties at a cost of £800.
For £800 I would expect something classier from a wank booth than a bunch of slappers bitching about each other....
People pay to be vouyeristic watching fat munters apply too much slap?

Blimey, what a world we live in!

Edited to add: It's Ok, it's in Scotland, it's normal
" One customer called Amy complained about the mirror after visiting the club to celebrate her birthday. She said she saw men in booths adjacent to the mirror “making gestures”.

hi Amy:)
'Ohh, err- the nasty man was able to see whether or not I washed my hands'. Personally having been in the UK recently and seen the size of the munters I would have thought the priority would have been to install winches in the toilets to assist in prising their fat erses off the pan.
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