All to easy to go on the BIff!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by StevieW, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Im sorry for all those who are genuinley injured as this doesnt apply to you, but having just come from blandford i found that there are a select breed off people who will do any thing to get out off PT, and the doctor just seems to renew there biff chits so they can continue in being lazy fcuks!!!know of many people who are so called injured, and these injuries seem to occur before PT, or exercise, or CO's run- anyone spot a pattern??? being fairly new in the army im wondering if this is a wide spread eppidemic throughout the whole army??? Surely when you join the army you know that you are going to have to keep fit, and take part in PT!!
    For the record i have nothing against those who are genuinley injured, just know off a few who have done only 1 PT session in a whole year, whilst apparently injured with a bad hip, yet at the weekends they a grooving on the dance floor.
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  2. Nothing new here, has been going on for years.
  3. been done lots of times in my unit, two of which spring to mind. when there is pt on in the mornings they are always outside the MO's for treatment. yet when we are lifting kit they are there making themselves look goog and keen to help.
  4. Its a tri-service epidemic. Doctors and medical staff are so closely scrutinised now that you have no choice but to take their word for it unless you are 100% sure. Thats why the un-diagnosible problems like back and knee problems are such a easy way out for them.
    The pay review board were asked yesterday in a briefing if they could be stripped of their "x factor" from their pay due to them not really earning it as they aren't deployable or subject to the same conditions as others, the response? We're looking into it but legally we can't follow it through at the minute. Maybe hope on the way though.
  5. I'm being posted to a new unit soon and they seemed quite surprised that as a SNCO i was still FE. Having done nearly 20 years now i've always been FE though. I know that there are malingerers out there but even so.
  6. So whats the solution then?
  7. I don't think that there is a solution to it, it's been with us for as long as i can remember.

    They even run Senior promotion courses now for non FE personnel, i guess that they can't be seen to be discriminating.

    There was the age old arguement about not allowing people to gain their next pay increment level but once again it's discriminatory.

    How would you differentiate between somebody who is genuinely injured and a malingerer?
  8. "Ah, 'twas always thus, and always thus shall be."

    Since the MoD lost Crown Immunity they must take care. Not only of the soldiers, but the bank balance.

    If a Doc says "Be a man and work through the pain, and get on that tab", and young Pte Bloggs gets injured, then there is going to be a huge amount of cash paid out. So Doc says "Hmmm, nothing major, and he is being a whimp, but to cover my arrse I'll give him a sick chit".

    Pte Bloggs sees how easy it is, and then the next hard tab, tries the same trick because it's a little chilly, and the dampness in the air might make his hair frizz.
  9. All wimps now, that's what they are. Now in my day (just give that lamp a bit of a nudge, Jimbo), the RSM would announce a 5-miler for that morning. Cue at least 30 skivers suddenly developing ghastly limps or holding shoulders, hips, backs etc. All to no avail. Everybody went on the run.

    I'd forgotten how comfortable these sandbags are. :D :D :D

  10. Solution? Rehab PT - ie everybody with a sick chit of any description (even if its laminated) attends PT twice a week with the physio/RI and PTI's - no excuses unless you're in hospital or sick at home. everyone works to their max capacity once rehab complete step up to remedial PT until fully fit. if never fully fit (ie perm downgraded) a chance to improve/maintain fitness without risk of injury. Everybody should be able to do something

    Or revolving doors on the med centre!!!

    Crabmabb - can't take away the x-factor? for the TA if you don't make the grade you don;t get you CO's cert of efficiency which means 2 things - you are considered not fit for role/deployment and you don;t get your bounty. I was always led to believe that the bounty is the part timers equivalent of the x-factor ie its a bonus for being as you say deployable and subject to the same conditions as others. If we can lose it why can't the regs.
  11. Is the solution not to just give the sickys really shit duties until they recover? Ones that last long after the PT is over and into Naafi time. Sounds like a plan to me..
  12. So you'd be happy with the lads and lasses currently suffering in Selly Oak (for example) to get crap jobs till they are fully fit? how about LCpl Beharry VC, I remember reading in one of his interviews that he still gets pains from injuries sustained. If he were downgraded for it would you give him shit tasks? where do you draw the line? who decides which people do the shit tasks?
    How about we get a 'subject matter expert' in for deciding what people are capable of doing, say someone who's done several years study for the task?
    They could then issue some kind of chit that would show what they are capable of. :D
  13. I could do with some of that.
    Spent plenty of time running, invested in a nice new pair of saucony's, got some nice runs planned out...
    ...two weeks later, shinsplints, or what the guy at the running shop thinks is shinsplints. Erk! :x

    Anything which could sped up rehabilitation for my quitter weakling legs ( :p ) would be appreciated. RICE won't increase my endurance/speed :x .

    I used to be a right little workshy squidling. PT put the fear of god into me.
    These days, I want to do it properly, and as soon as I make an effort, like a tw@t, I go and overdo it and now i've taken myself out of the running - aha ha - for at least a week or two.

    Pished orf, and willing to PAY for some type of rehabilitation type thing.
  14. To get over my splints, I put my feet shuolder width apart facing forward, and rise up on my toes 10 times, slowly lowering yourself each time. After that, apply an ice pack for 10-15 minutes, no longer though, or else you'll get frostbite ;)
  15. Always been a problem and always will be, it does seem to be getting worse though, lads getting posted in from training who can't pass a PFT. That's not down to injury, it's down to being idle and being able to get away with it from day 1 in basic training. If you don't pass MATTs you don't leave depot would be one way of weeding the idle bastards out