All Three Political Parties Struggling Under Loans Fiasco

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Labour owes £23m

    Tories owe £35m

    Lib Dems owe £1m

  2. Good lets hope they go bankrupt
  3. Tories will get £30m for their Smith Square HQ...thus means they are OK. They claim the other £2m is a loan to tide them over until the sale is finished.

    Lib might still have to give their £2million loan from a crook back to the bank - they've been given £2m from the Co-op/Rowantree Trust so are now totally indebted to the tree how can they claim to be only 1m in debt. The Scottish Lib leader got caught breaking the rules ref his mortgage assistance up here!

    Labour? Trying to steal it from our council tax via their 'donations from councillors' scheme.

    Funny how the SNP/SSP etc seem to have been given a bye on this - they do exactly the same and Tommy Sheridan charges the Parliament some £1200 a month for the mortgage on his HQ - something like 5 times the going rate for other MSPs plus the SSP always have their stuff printed by the Red Comrades printershop or something which charges double the going rate for adverts etc which the Parliament ends up paying! :cool:
  4. So, which party would you trust to run the economy? :D
  5. At the moment ummmm, none of them
  6. The Beeb were reporting that the Tories will only get 18-19 million for their old HQ.
  7. Normally if an organisation or individual spends themselves into bankruptcy, the government say "no taxpayers money for you".

    Unless the organisation is a political party.

    What message does the Labour financial crisis send to the public? If they screw up their own accounts this much, is it any wonder the NHS, the country is in such a dire situation - NHS continually in the red, under-equipped cash-strapped armed forces, taxes through the roof etc.