All those that think Badass is funny?

is badass a c o c k

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I think he is very funny. He makes me laugh, sometimes a lot. He is a funny guy and is very mature and sensible and likes sheep. Sometimes he wears women's clothes and shoes when he is in the house on his own. He drinks lager and lime in half pint glasses and doesn't eat pork scratchings because they get stuck in his dentures. He has his make-up tattooed on so he can just get out of bed in the morning without having to spend all his time putting it on and has his hair set once a week.

I think he is great.
Bill OAverage said:
who the fcuk is badass?
The same could be said for you.
No!! Mike is not on lates..he is on nights!! keep up mate
:D and isn't bill john's bruv, and he is andy's mate..or have i got that wrong
still not overwhelmed in votes for badass being funny though..
but he used to make me laugh.. now he is more bitter than augusta :D
Gunny Highway said:
Nope. I'll Let Badass sort you out. Next !
How much for the cheap seats? :wink:
Badass IS funny, depends on how you read his posts, just an observation :lol:
I'll get me coat.......
He couldn't give a sh*t what any of you think of him. He laughs heartily at his own jokes and you lot can poke it up your bums if you don't like it.

As for complexity Ex (aka Canteen Fu*kwit and Billy O average/whatever other sad tw*t you happen to be).....haven't you got some sort of disorder and have a drink problem? You might want to go and see a doctor about that.

You lot need a good dose of reality......thinking that I could give a toss what you think of me. You'll be picketing the COs to get me banned next.

Any chicks on here who fancy a good rivetting this weekend..........the missus is down at her mums, ladies. Just PM your phone numbers.
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