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Great Cause - Let's all sign

Your link is dog-toffee. Can you re-do it or write it in full please.

A www in front of it does nothing.

Thanks for sorting out the link. VB why didn't it work. It works pasted into word? Ant ideas? We now need to make a big effort to get more signatures.
We still your help with this do members on ARRSE believe this or like the civil population can you just not be bothered?

Housing associations and the Government should review housing allocation policy in respect of establishing local connections to ensure that former members of the armed forces are not discriminated against when applying for housing. This in part would acknowledge the important contribution made by Her Majesty's Armed Forces in defending the United Kingdom's national interests; recognise their commitment and professionalism in the service of the country both at home and abroad and further recognises that following the end of their careers in the armed forces many servicemen and women and their families face considerable difficulties in securing housing appropriate to their needs as civilians.
It only takes a couple of minutes and all ARRSE members have a duty to sign it?
We have 258 signatures so far we need many more to even be taken notice of why not ask all those in your Email address box to help out and sign it?
Thanks very much for that if we don't help ourselves no one will. If you can persuade any others it would be much appreciated.


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Done. I'm not getting my vote confirmation emails though! Is this a gobment ploy to stop people voting for what they don't want to hear?
At the risk of getting lynched, I will admit that I have not and won't be signing the petition.

The reason for this is that the lack of housing is not restricted to ex members of the armed forces. The council housing issues are a huge problem for everyone.

There simply isn't enough housing stock to go round.

Now while I agree that you could give the "civvies don't fight for their country" argument, you do have the benefit of a careers worth of subsidised housing, and unless I'm mistaken financial support from the Army to put towards a house of your own.

Save all the usual come-backs, I've heard them all, while I am a supporter of the Army there are just some things in life where you have to help yourself in the same way that civvies do - and housing is one of them.

I know my comments will enrage many of you, but hard working people (civvies and soldiers) simply cannot get on that housing list. They either private rent or buy, it's not discrimination against armed forces's the same for everyone.
The site seems to be having trouble accepting information.

Have the ARRSE members overwhelmed it? :thumright:

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